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  1. I’ve had one the WC88 for about 5 years now always run it on a international 434

    good size chipper it’s nice and slim when transporting had no real problems 

    only belts breaking  the hydraulic system is self contained and has been problem free 

    Plenty of grease nipples , good bearings and a heavy flywheel

    i will be upgrading to a new one before Xmas hopefully 


    ive never  chipped any 8” logs never had the need to do this

    iam a tight ass when it come to wood anything over the size 

    of a donkies manhood is firewood 

  2. 14 hours ago, Stere said:

    So 5600 and 6100 only saws made atm  with reed valves design...

    no there’s one extra model the  ps-352 ea3601 it’s a reed valve design 

    with two reed valves you gotta watch the video to see how it works

    the saw is around the same size as a 242xp





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  3. 20 hours ago, Jd44027 said:

    That interesting, did have a brief look at the makita EA5600 


    Obvs this is a bit higher again in terms of power/cc - anyone been using this & have some feedback @shavey I guess you've had a lot of experience with the makita/dolmar range - would there be any particular models youd recommend based on what I was looking for?


     If  you  where thinking of going away from the stihl / husky option I would opt for the Makita ea-4300 or Dolmar ps-420 hands down 

    the ea-550 and ps-550 are nice saws and develop a lot of power and are physically 

    bigger than the 40cc saws 


    the ea-4300 has been a great value for money saw and has plenty of power 

    and there’s plenty in reserve if you want too dig deeper

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  4. I would say the Makita ea-4300 or Dolmar ps-420  they come supplied with a 15”

    bar and chain .325 050 gauge 64DL very substantial saw built strong and cuts well
    above its size Easy too start straight forward little motor easy maintainence 

    quick too clean and all consumable parts are easy too inspect and change 

    and good value for money 

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  5. On 13/06/2020 at 00:40, wyk said:

    I think a few have. Best ask @shavey. I think Makita was avoiding it at first because their homeowner/DIY electric brands were orange in Europe.

    The saws look great in either colour as Makita blue is rather unique, but red is harder to lose in the brush.


    And 4300's can be made to run!




    There an art to getting these to run Wes and you got it right

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  6. There have been a few coming across the water but at the moment there coming from Belgium in the teal colours 


    but I’ve had customers wanting Dolmar decals for teal makitas 


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  7. 2 hours ago, spudulike said:

    I know that, I refurbed my points on my 1-40 and timed it and think the flywheel was marked but it was a long time ago but I have had the bugger running and the whole village knew about it. As you say, pulling the flywheel isn't an easy job without the correct tools so a Nova unit or similar may be the way forward.

    Never got my 595 going, it fires but has a stupid amount of compression and weighs a ton, 15 pulls and you are through. Perhaps now is the time to get it going! 100cc of vintage muscle!

    Was that the one that burnt the lawn 

  8. Yes It’s up too the individual Iam like @Stubby don’t ever use it at all but it’s there in an emergency  got several dolmar’s  and solos that haven’t got one and 

    newish big Echo that is standard without one

    but it’s for your own use only 

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  9. The longer pin shouldn’t make any difference to the side cover I’ve chopped and changed from red too blue covers and never had any problems 

     your chain tensioner shouldn’t be breaking there pretty robust here’s a couple of

    points that should help

    1. make sure your bar nuts are loose enough before you turn the adjuster screw

    2 make sure your chain catcher isn’t bent or comprised as it affects the depth the cover fits into the frame as shown in photos 2 and 4


    the adjuster pin runs along a groove in the chain cover so it can’t go out of the place 

    it sits and has a good travel length as in photo 3


    photo one shows the chain catcher and a standard chain cover





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  10. On 06/12/2019 at 20:58, bikewoo said:

    I have been gifted a 119. Compression is low and all rubber has perished . Is it possable to get parts?

    Most parts are NLA for this Saw but it does share its chassis with four other models 

    112 114 117 119 and you find Parts saws come up pretty cheap sometimes 

    You’ll find it’s a strong Saw once you get it running 


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