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  1. Ring kiln wanted

    As the title states I am looking for a ring kiln for making charcoal in decent condition, will collect from anywhere in the UK.
  2. level 2 arboriculture rfs

    I started this course through Myerscough last year and had to pull out after 5 months as I totally underestimated exactly how much work was needed for the course, probably 2 hours a night to be involved with the all the online discussions and research that is required plus time at weekends to complete the projects. I saw that the HCC were offering the same course but when the founder of HCC suddenly died they decided not to take on anymore students. I phoned the contact, Max Faulkner on the HCC website this morning and he told me that they were going to reinstate all the courses that HCC were running and offering Arb level 3 courses too when everything had been finalised with the RFS, he reckoned about 2 weeks and it should all be up and running again. Hope that helps
  3. brown oak for woodcraft

    I might be interested, looking 2" thick boards can you pm me a price.
  4. <p>Hi, you asked me some time ago about my moon gazing hare. I was very negative about a courier sorry <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png" alt=":(" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> It's about 28" tall and not sure of weight but if you are still interested I will go weigh it. I sold the last hare for £200. Regards, Shaun</p>

  5. employing someone

    That is partly true, however if they provide a UTR number and you offer the shifts to the subcontractor rather than tell them when they are working and let the subby know they are free to work elsewhere this will keep HMRC happy. In my day job we deploy about 100 staff a week using this method and whilst HMRC would like them all to be PAYE they allow it.
  6. employing someone

    And don't forget the new workplace pension scheme. Always best to get them to work for you self employed, get them to send you an invoice every month for the work they've done at the price you agree with them. You wont get into the murky world of paye, employment law, pensions, sick pay and holiday pay rights that a paye employee has.
  7. Finally sorted :D !

    Always remember there is always someone willing to do the job cheaper and the customer knows that so when you price up a job be on time, look smart and make sure your quote is fair. I was happy to break even on the first job if it meant I could cut the customers grass every 2 weeks for 8 months and this is what you have to bare in mind. Plough as much back into your business as you can in the first year on advertising and equipment, one decent mower is better than 6 cheap unreliable mowers. Remember the 3 year business rule, year 1 you feed it, year 2 it feeds itself and year 3 it feeds you. I used to charge a set price which included the first hour, there's nothing worse than charging someone less than what it costs to get to the job and the wear and tear on your tools just to do the job. Saying that I only really used to concentrate on commercial stuff like factories and holiday lets etc. Keep all your equipment in good nick and service it regularly. And good luck
  8. Etsy

    Probably been covered before but does anyone use Etsy to sell their products? If so what are your thoughts.
  9. Branding iron

    Me too Ian, ive emailed this company Marking and Identification Specialists, Eyre and Baxter of Sheffield UK but they said my logo is too complicated and they are only really interested in straight forward text stamps. They suggested I try shaw engraving but have heard nothing back from them yet. Also found this company in America Infinity Stamps - Quality Custom Metal Stamps for Marking Steel, Jewelry, Leather, Clay, Wood and Plastics If anyone finds a decent UK company can they let me know.
  10. Cost of Yew tree

    I remember a few years ago when I was volunteering for the NT at Clumber Park and they were turning the old head gardeners house into an upmarket dining restaurant they chopped down tons of yew, it still breaks my heart to this day remembering it all being thrown on a very large bonfire.
  11. My clock attempts

    I love the RSJ clock, it still amazes me how we can look at an everyday item destined for the bin and turn it into a practical everyday object. I also this Ian that the spiderman clock is the dogs kahunas. Loving the work guys
  12. Prices???

    I've priced them up to prospective clients at £80 plus delivery. They probably cost about £40 in materials and petrol to collect the timber so not a great deal in it but there has to be a ceiling limit where people wont pay what its costs and how much time has gone into it.
  13. Prices???

    I have a similar problem pricing items up, this one is made from one piece of solid English oak with English oak supports, is 64inches long, 12 inches wide, 2 inches thick and stands approx. 5 inches high. The timber cost £25 and is finished with 3 coats of food grade oil and took probably a day to make ( although oiling seems to take forever). I've done this for a friend so only looking to recoup costs but have had 3 enquiries from my facebook sites. What would everyone charge for such a piece?
  14. forestry commision

    Depends what job you have with them. Forest crafts people do quite a lot of practical stuff, education, community and recreation rangers not as much. Most of the proper forestry stuff is subbed out to third parties.
  15. Yew pieces

    Bit far for me, good luck with the sale though. Why not try asking your local wood turning club see if they want any?


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