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  1. £250 a week? that seems a third of the cost of round us.lucky you
  2. wow thats steep,(festool prices lol) I`,d want it to mill my wood too for that
  3. Drop me a message with what your after mate, my neck of the woods
  4. that's mould due to lack of air flow, sadly you`ll be very lucky if these don't develop a split sooner or later, but you never know,hopefully not
  5. I had the mafell one a few yrs ago, big mistake selling it,got nearly as much as I paid for it four yrs later, so quick, a good investment if your doing lots, hard to justify for a one off,?
  6. delabodge


    Borax will help. just make sure you have plenty of airflow around those boards,
  7. them beavers are going to be mighty pissed off lol,
  8. I will do mate, very very proud of her and the rest of my family in the nhs, ,thank you?
  9. Sorry to hear this Andy,my wife comes home absolutely knackered having worked in a isolation unit for over six hours in full kit, in a understaffed unit,(7.45-4-00pm job) with minimum resources, on a quarter of a train drivers wage,who have just striked for a bigger wage, (53k -£67k?)my wife is never late for work, never shirks her duties and has never had a day off sick, she takes pride in what she does and will work later to make sure she gets chemo orders out Even if she clocked off how ever late it takes,and she’s far from being the only one in the nhs, me sitting at home ,makes me feel very guilty, but come 8pm tonight, I will pass her a glass of wine, and stand on my doorstep and applaud her and everyone else at the forefront of this crazy panademic,in the meantime, I will hold off on domestic tree work,until,it’s safe to do so.
  10. My wife works for the nhs front line making chemo for cancer patients(on a shit wage), my son is a paramedic front line and so is my younger sons girlfriend, they are essential workers making us all safer and better, me running a tree team out in uncertainty isn't essential, (money is needed,yard rent,chipper payments etc) I have a great bunch of lads and have decided for there safety and my customers we will abide by what boris has asked and take three weeks off, now I hate being home like the rest of us, (and wish I had a government salary/not my wifes) but if everybody says ,"oh it doesn't mean me" then its insulting to the ones who try and fix things and do as there told, my customers will still be there in three weeks time, and I will make sure there`s plenty of bonus payments to my lads,as I do when were busy. I will be keeping myself busy doing stuff at home ,cleaning the garage ,finishing my shed etc,you tube etc,,,stay safe in whatever you decide to do.
  12. we had a Isuzu and it was a great little truck,bouncy in the cab when unladen, but pulled like a demon when loaded, only had it a year until some lowlife nicked it never to be seen again.
  13. in fairness that is firewood quality oak, way too many unions/forks etc, but,,for rustic furniture/park furniture etc ,will do the job,


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