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  1. we had a Isuzu and it was a great little truck,bouncy in the cab when unladen, but pulled like a demon when loaded, only had it a year until some lowlife nicked it never to be seen again.
  2. in fairness that is firewood quality oak, way too many unions/forks etc, but,,for rustic furniture/park furniture etc ,will do the job,
  3. Ok time to stock up on my cedar stock, and logs available local to reading/Berkshire way let me know cheers
  4. Indeed mate but don’t take all my staff with me as much as I like em😂😂🇪🇸👍
  5. Not always Steve, but thanks for making that public👎
  6. you can not underestimate the need for good dust masks,,i use ppf3 for everything,,,yes there more expensive but for a reason,, Ive bought two axminster full face masks with filters for £230 each,,,and worth every penny,,,when planning,sanding,milling,,, How long do you want to live?? dust kills......
  7. lets not forget another runway in the pipeline for heathrow, that's not going to have much effect lol
  8. No problems Pete,always nice to help other out, nice to meet you👍🌲👍
  9. I agree with squaredy , I’ve milled a lot of cedar with my team over the years, and it’s dried quite differently, opened Up. A tree I’d milled two yrs ago and struggled to get two decent planks,without shakes, but others dried perfectly, bit hit and miss so as above, in saying that,always looking for cedar ha ha
  10. delabodge


    I agree, there’s a high chance in large oak slabs cupping when dry, so I end up ripping them in half,which they then fit my 24 inch planner and rejoin with the domino jointer, eliviates the “ how do I get that flat” or hours of tedious routering in a sled.
  11. Exactly what. I use,for sanding,planing,anything really🌲👍
  12. Try “The tool post” in didcot, they do an electric one,you can custom make the brand with interchangeable heads.


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