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  1. Agreed generally 6weeks after flowering is when I tend to go over them , just strim around or mow close to them if need be Dan
  2. Myself I would quote £320 a day for two men , including fuel for cutters etc Do an hourly rate .. £20 easily And then add a few hours ontop to cover the fuel costs etc 8-4 = £160 x 2 = £ 320 this would include fuel etc and if you feel your mate deserves a bit extra because he's worked hard then there's extra there However if you feel it'd take say two days , drop your daily price a bit by say £20 a day taking it to say £300 a day . Never be too greedy dropping it by £20 could secure you the job . Dan
  3. My fs55 with the bullhorns seems pretty suitable for me and I think there around £300 ish , defiantly worth getting the harness aswell saves your arms on those larger jobs .
  4. I'm quite lucky my local suppliers will not sell to the public only company's until there is enough in stock for everyone . Some company's forget there regular customers ie tradesmen have bills to pay and without the materials for the job because they've sold them to some old joe off the street which really p****s us off .
  5. Big wait atmo for standard panels , close board can get easy bt people dnt wanna pay the extra
  6. Here is a few snaps taken within the last few weeks of some work carried out by myself
  7. Normally has a small head ?! Does it change in the weather ? hehe
  8. DannyCane

    Abbey Pro

    So glad I've read this !
  9. Il have to give them a look mate as waste is one of my highest bills as with most probably 90% of us on here
  10. No worries mate , we all know how you feel I recommend some of the tool shows or tool auctions , might be able too pick up a good bargain
  11. I'm in Aldershot area so I'm half way between the two really , is that the farm where you tip mate ? Downfarmodiham ?? Dan
  12. Scrape off old turf Rotorvate if the soil is of good quality and remove any large stones rocks etc Roller area and remove lumps and bumps Fluff up the soil with a light raking and scatter a thin layer of sharp Sand over the whole area Lay your first row of turf Don't walk over the soil or the new layer turf use a plank of wood or board Stagger the next row , ie : like when making a wall Water regularly especially in the warmer weather , a sprinkler is best Hope this helps mate this is what I tend to do however if I'm wrong someone please let me know Dan
  13. That's transit tipper towing a trailer my tipper doesn't weigh 3520 haha
  14. Use it to coat fence panels etc , wouldn't recommend it at a customers house but at your own will be fine , just remember old oil is cancerous Or just use it when having fires it will smoke but it's cheaper than petrol Dan


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