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  1. This oldash suffers from bad dieback, has dropping limbs, branches and looks like it’s been pollarded at some point in the past . It’s in a garden , I’m thinking of a clear fell based on safety and the tree deterioration over years to home , all comments and suggestions appreciated Thanks
  2. I’m after a clutch and clutch nut for a 076av ,if anyone knows of where I could get these parts, came loose while milling and the nut is long lost in a pile of shavings. Really good saw , with a big bar on kickback is a very rare thing, but obviously a chain break is built in safety . Nip every nut and bolt up regularly as said above they do loosen, I’ve used mine for many years and milled massive sections with zero issues other than the clutch .
  3. Is the best option to fell sooner and retrieve some decent wood? There doesn’t seem much logic in leaving the trees for years to deteriorate and become harder more dangerous to fell , all the ash around here is infected bad , and I’ve not seen any being felled due to chalara,it’s terminal is it not?
  4. American basswood,malvaceae
  5. You manually pump it if it's the same as my 076av
  6. What kind of= price are you after
  7. Tried to show the rot area in this photo
  8. I have milled up some oak planks, there is rot in the tree mostly in the outer layer, it's the white rot that makes the wood soft, an inch or so in the wood is solid, looks like a mycelium of sorts, just wondering would this continue in the milled timber, or as the tree is felled would the rot only be contained to the areas already affected. Cheers
  9. Cheers , I'll Give them a wee buzz tomorrow , will see what price I can get
  10. I'm needing public liability to cover me using the Alaskan mill, ideally just monthly payments, what would the best company be , and is there any online place to get instant cover Cheers


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