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  1. My splicing attempts

    My first attempt at splicing any pointers would be helpful i know i need to do the whipping on it.
  2. Sugihara bars

    My bar for my husky 350 came super quick Cheers Rob only im missing the chain i ordered for it i have pop and email over on the website tho. Also the multi tool is pretty cool
  3. thinking of going to the arb show

    Think Camping is at the Holford Arms which is 2miles from the show
  4. Tried something new with the editing

    Cracking video
  5. The best Silky Saw?

    I love my zubat and tsurugi straight silkys
  6. How do you get a decent picture from a gopro video?

    If your using the go pro editing software on the editing page if you go file- export then it will come up with two option export movie and export still image then you can save that frame as jpeg, you can also use the filters and it will apply it to the still image. Hope that helps
  7. Near fatal rigging mishap

    Ouch thats got to hurt. Just notice it hit the pole on the way down.
  8. CS31 required in Devon

    I was there last year doing my extended diploma is that the dates the lectures gave you as i found if we went on the short course list we could do them sooner. Just had a look on the short course days 23rd march to 26th there is a cs31 course
  9. CS31 required in Devon

    Bicton college is close
  10. Outdoor and Camping Fails

    Just spotted this on the old youtube idiots doing what they do best with a few tree bloopers in there i do like the one at 3.55.
  11. Tree Surgeons Books

    I can say get the Bob Watson book after having a lecture from him this year while i was at college i learnt a lot of new stuff a definite book to get.
  12. replacing clutch side crank case - 357XP

    I might have a spare 357 body in the workshop i shall have a look and let you know if you still need one.
  13. arb shop in Cornwall?........ or Devon?

    Truro Tractors only does a one or two climbing stuff these days
  14. Aldi firewood tool sale thursday

    The log splitter looks painfully slow to use


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