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  1. Turns out that getting it tig welded was problematic Took it to a local fabricator and he tried everything but apparently no matter what he did he couldnt get a decent weld on it - probably due to the composition of the alloy it's made of he rekons In any case I need to look at other options... If anyone happens to have a 357 crankcase assembly knocking about? I know that it would be easier to get a new saw, but I like the 357 and it would be a shame to throw this one away as its a good engine!
  2. My old 346 that is now deceased and my 385 which I still have And my 560 Also got a 357 now but dont have no pics of it at moment.
  3. Just hope it doesnt melt the crank bearing Hopefully getting it back friday.
  4. Do you know if the little black rubber stop thats snapped off is supposed to be touching the bottom of its hole or if there is supposed to be a space? Gonna get it tigged this week and need to know where its supposed to sit?
  5. Is it possible to tune/port a 357xp? What sort of gains will I be looking at? How much £ is a general ballpark figure?
  6. I'll see about getting it welded. Should the rubbers both be located and touching the inside of their holes or should there be a bit of a gap in their neutral resting place?
  7. Here's a few pics showing what the issue is. I tried to fashion a brace out of a bit of steel and try re-attaching the piece which is why there's white **** all over it but unfortunately it didnt work (well, not for long anyway!)
  8. Do you repair saws then? What we be talking £ wise to get it done? Ill post the pics up in a bit.
  9. Hi all. A while back I aquired a MINT 357XP saw which hasnt ever seen a days work in its life, it really is mint condition. First time I used it I noticed a bit drop off the saw and land on the floor... Upon further inspection it seems that the whole of the bottom left corner (if you look at the clutch side with the sprocket cover off) of the crank case has snapped right off! It's the corner that has the little black rubber stop to stop too much side to side movement between the body/handles. Seems that it was an old break as most of the broken edge of the piece was very black and dirty. Since it feels horrible using it with that much movement in I'm thinking of replacing that crank case side... Also it does tend to try and wander noticeably in the kerf now. Only question is, not having done anything like this to a saw before - how hard is it? Are the 357's easy to strip and split? Any special tools I'll need? Being that this is now my main saw as my old 346xp FINALLY died (Been trying to kill it for long enough!) and will be doing a fair bit of work I'd like to get it sorted. Cheers
  10. I should have said also it was apparently running fine before being put into storage... Will look into crankcase pressure and rings though Thanks.
  11. The linkages are all correctly located and the mixture is set at 1 turn out. I also replaced the fuel hose. Even when the engine is running adjusting the mixture screws makes no difference at all which is odd as I've worked on saws before where it's a case of just adjusting the mixture but this is being a right bastard :-/ So to summarise: got a decent spark Compression reads about 105PSI new diaphrams and gaskets on carb adjusting mixture screws makes no difference at all new fuel pipe only can manage to get to idle with the trigger lock on locking the throttle to half position - even then its a rough idle and will not rev.
  12. Got a beast of a spark, definitely no worries there, linkages on the carb are all ok. Fuel line seems to be ok but I guess could be worth replacing as a matter of course?
  13. Aah yeah i took that all out and blasted everything with the airline. I stripped the carb down as far as I could and got in every nook and cranny.


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