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  1. Looks like a tidy little machine, shame it wasn't closer!
  2. Good to know, if i ever find a reasonably priced second hand one i might see if i can afford that then
  3. Ah okay thanks for the advice. Been looking at sedgewick 260's they seem like decent machines but a bit out my budget..
  4. Dont worry! these are no where near me. Looks like two decent machines similar to what im after though
  5. Okay thanks, yes please that would be helpful to see what else is about. Gumtree has got nothing on there near me at the moment.
  6. mostly hardwoods to be fair, ash, Oak Beech sycamore etc..
  7. Thanks, any makes/models i should be looking out for?
  8. Ideally 12" Capacity maybe £500/600 mark so not a massive budget unfortunately
  9. Just wondering whether the original poster brought a planer in the end? I'm on the look out for something similar and was just looking for a few opinions!
  10. jamesd

    New harness

    I am after a new harness and just wondered what people are going for? I am slim guy so need something a bit smaller and not too bulky. My favourite harness use to be a treeflex but they are no longer made. Is there something similar on the market now? The treehog harness looks pretty similar to be fair, but not heard much about them. Cheers, James.
  11. Could anyone recommend a decent ideally digital torque wrench? I am restoring an old land rover in my spare time so am looking for a decent one that will last. Cheers, James.
  12. I am looking to buy some earmuffs with radio in them for those long and boring hedgecutting jobs.... Has anyone got any recommendations on which ones to get? It would be good if they plugged into my phone etc as well as just a radio. Cheers, James.
  13. Ah fair enough, do you mind me asking where you get them from?
  14. Just wanted to know what people use for stickers? I have a load of 18mm ply I was thinking of using... I don’t have a lot else about unless i cut down some old scaffold boards..
  15. Could anyone recommend someone who does mobile milling in the Hampshire area? I'm after someone who could come in and do a days milling for me, i have a few oak logs that i have been saving up...
  16. Yup its a round the 40" diameter mark if not more.. the blue chaining is from a barbed wire fence that grew in it and hopefully i've cut it out now.. the rot at the one end probably goes down into the stem around a foot. Hope the extra information helps..
  17. I have an oak butt that I’m thinking of getting someone in to mill. I’ve attached a few photos for people to take a look at. Im looking for advice to see if it’s worth milling and secondly what the best way to mill it would be? Cheers, james.
  18. I do a lot of grounds maintenance in wiltshire and am looking for a subcontractor who could help with my extra work load. Work is general maintenance to grounds including grass cutting, hedgecutting and weed killing etc If anyone knows of anyone please get in touch! Regards, James.
  19. jamesd


    I need to cut a few slices of wood to use as table ornamnets for a friends wedding. Ive heard them being called cookies before.... I was just wondering if anyone has done this before and what wood i should use and how to treat them and dry them out? Cheers, James.
  20. Has anyone had any experience with using treesurgeoninsurance? thinking about getting my personal accident cover with them and wondered if anyone had dealt with them before or had any experience with using them? cheers.
  21. I have a small crab apple tree to prune (only about 18foot tall max) and a small rowan tree to prune at one site. I usually prune apple trees in the winter for fruit, but as the customer is not worried about fruit will it be ok to go ahead and do it this time of year? The rowan is on the same job and would prefer to do them both together than have to go back and do the apple tree in the winter. I havn't pruned many rowan trees, i was told they don't like any hard pruning? Is this correct?
  22. if i had a local forge!...


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