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  1. I believe I have the answer to my opening question. Thanks
  2. I’m moving over to running a palax 100s via an electric motor. I’ll start with just using the pto but come winter I’ll move in doors and power via a generator. The instructions say it’s a 15 KV motor but the dealer recommended that I’d need 40 KV as to get the processor up to speed takes a lot of power. Has anyone got any experience on this?
  3. Would any body know the name and contact details of the North East England harvest manager of Scottish Woodlands . Please pm me if you can help. Thanks
  4. Ernest Bennett’s have collection vans on the roads . Give them a call,
  5. Two tines with and beak grab . i bought this for £200 from a sawmill had to adjust the ram position but I’d say it’s just about indestructible . If you need to pick one log up it will hold it tight it’s also good for pull post and wire fencing out snapping branches off around fields along with many other things. muck grab is ok for the job but the right tool for the right job works much better.
  6. Don’t use a muck grab ! The tines are strong but how warn is the box they sit in ? Used to use one myself . There’s two many tines for starters thinner stuff gets trapped between them the grab tines bend and there’s too many of those also you struggle to get them to close around your timber.
  7. Took about 6-8 weeks to get the new blade from Bennett’s but disappointed with the service blade seams ok so far
  8. I just cut into a big heap as long the wood is reasonably dry when you do this your logs will be ok . When loading logs will a loader and bucket keep the bucket flat to the floor and once it’s full crown back just like any thing else. Be careful when pushing up against walls . Logs go over the cleaner move and heaped up with loader . Left to dry sold this coming winter.
  9. I’ll let you know how things go. My blade was picked up on Tuesday and they said 2/3 weeks lead time.
  10. How did you get on ? I’ve just ordered a new 900mm blade from E Bennett it’s half the price of dealers one and 100s cheaper than rivals. They picked the old blade up to get all the measurements spot on so I’ll wait and see what they come up with.
  11. Yes I know how it works used to have one . What I mean is once the timber has hit the stop is there tension in the feed belt so as you cut the timber is getting pushed forward ever so slightly from the tension in the belt . On the palax the stop retracts once the blade starts to come down meaning any tension in the belt disappears
  12. Is the feed belt still pushing the timber up against the bar as it’s cutting?
  13. I’d need 40 -50 nets of seasoned nets per month


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