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  1. oldoaktree

    Saw blade supplier

    Took about 6-8 weeks to get the new blade from Bennett’s but disappointed with the service blade seams ok so far
  2. oldoaktree

    handling loose logs

    I just cut into a big heap as long the wood is reasonably dry when you do this your logs will be ok . When loading logs will a loader and bucket keep the bucket flat to the floor and once it’s full crown back just like any thing else. Be careful when pushing up against walls . Logs go over the cleaner move and heaped up with loader . Left to dry sold this coming winter.
  3. oldoaktree

    Landrover Defender


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    2007 Defender Puma Metallic Grey Boost Alloys MOT December The 4 tyres on the car have done less than 10k miles. Spare is ok . The 100k services was carried out when the mot was done last December . Multi media player. Radio CD player blue tooth iPod connect lead. Sat nav hands free phone. Small subwoofer which gives great sound . Recent new clutch . Storage draw in the back which Levels the back out. Small amount of damage on back corner. £12500 +vat Overall condition good for age usual dints etc from normal usage.



  4. oldoaktree

    Saw blade supplier

    I’ll let you know how things go. My blade was picked up on Tuesday and they said 2/3 weeks lead time.
  5. oldoaktree

    Saw blade supplier

    How did you get on ? I’ve just ordered a new 900mm blade from E Bennett it’s half the price of dealers one and 100s cheaper than rivals. They picked the old blade up to get all the measurements spot on so I’ll wait and see what they come up with.
  6. oldoaktree

    Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    Yes I know how it works used to have one . What I mean is once the timber has hit the stop is there tension in the feed belt so as you cut the timber is getting pushed forward ever so slightly from the tension in the belt . On the palax the stop retracts once the blade starts to come down meaning any tension in the belt disappears
  7. oldoaktree

    Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    Is the feed belt still pushing the timber up against the bar as it’s cutting?
  8. oldoaktree

    Nets of logs

    I’d need 40 -50 nets of seasoned nets per month
  9. oldoaktree

    Nets of logs

    It would be hardwood and not sure on numbers
  10. oldoaktree

    Nets of logs

    I’ve had a request for nets of logs to a busy Garden Centre . I don’t do nets so could anyone in a 50 mile radius of Durham contact me with a quote. Thanks
  11. oldoaktree

    Will the logs go mouldy?

    I just process into shed onto concrete floor heap up with teleporter and the logs come out fine odd ones might get a bit mouldy but most fine
  12. oldoaktree

    Posch S - 360 Blade sharpening

    If your any where near Newcastle Wilkinson saws sharpen them .
  13. oldoaktree

    EU Imported firewood into the UK

    I feel this is a very fair point, I see the same attitudes on farming forums. I don't know but after logs have been kiln dried will that not have killed off any diseases in the wood . I buy 3-4 loads a year to sell along side seasoned hardwood. Stove retailers tell customers that they need kiln dried logs , I've given up trying to tell them my seasoned wood is fine so I sell them kiln dried.
  14. oldoaktree

    Any interesting new processors out there?

    It also can be lifted out of the way so no splitting for small timber. If I change my Palax 90 I go for the trans saw it's a much better machine I was to tight when I bought the palax I've always wish I'd spent a few more quid and bought one . A note or word of advice to anyone wanting to buy there 1st processor get a circular saw one against chain saw one . Less maintenance less saw dust less hassle all round. I've had both great thing about circular saw you can just fire it up and off you go if you have spare hr no messing about with oil chain or bar . No doubt I'm wrong

    <p>Hi </p>

    <p>If you still have the 50 ton ill take it .</p>




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