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  1. It was about 16/18”, but had a bit of rot in it. Don’t know the history of the tree, as it had already been ringed up when I acquired it.
  2. Leaves are definitely not ivy, unless someone has grafted them on. Very grateful for all the help - if it smells of pears when I’m burning it, I’ll let you all know!!
  3. Thanks for all the useful information guys. It’s wood, and once dry it will burn and heat my house, which is all I’m really bothered about, but it’s always nice to know what you’ve got!! Alder is certainly very orange, as this is, so a good possibility, just not sure if the leaves match. Alder leaves appear to be more “ruffled” on the edges.
  4. Just hit the first couple of rounds with the X27, and it splits like a dream. Happy days
  5. Just been to collect some winter burning from my local friendly farmer, and amongst it is a large amount of these. They are incredibly dense, I initially thought they were a hawthorn/blackthorn family due to the weight and colouring, but the leaves make me think more of a fruit species. Anybody any ideas please. Thanks in advance.
  6. Baby wipes and then polish up with newspaper, although as said above dry wood and vent slightly open and it rarely needs it.
  7. Is that one of the logs that Kirklees have cleared to make way for the new school at Highfields? Was down there at the weekend and couldn’t believe my eyes. If not, there are some impressive logs that I’m sure you could do something with
  8. Admired those three today as I drove up from Paddock - for once my first thought wasn’t firewood, lovely logs.
  9. Try Job Earnshaws from Netherton near Wakefield. They seem to have a lot of wood cut at the moment near to Bretton. https://www.jobearnshaw.co.uk/
  10. Another Fiskars fan here. Had the X25 which was good, dealt with all sorts. Treat myself to an X27 this summer and the difference is huge. As previously mentioned, smashes anything and everything, regardless of age, knots etc. Never tried any other brands, so can’t compare, but I think they would have to be pretty special to better the Fiskars
  11. I’ve got a 13 year old trainee wood splitter who can’t wait!! Cheers for the info
  12. Why’s that? It’s to burn on a stove, and I’ve got plenty of room and time to dry it.
  13. Wow, that was a quick reply, thanks. In that case, I’ll definitely be getting it then. Looks like a long day ahead tomorrow.
  14. Logs I would like to be cutting!! Please could somebody identify this wood for me. I have just been offered about 3 to 4 ton by the landowner who has already had it cut, but access is a nightmare so obviously been left by the contractor. Thanks


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