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  1. mac2

    Fastest log splitter under £500

    Looked at the kinetic splitters, don't look very sturdy? ? Anyone used one within this budget??
  2. Wondering if anyone has any advice on the best/fastest log splitter under £500. Going to buy a bigger splitter/processor next year after I realise some cash from my logs this winter. Needs to be very fast otherwise I'd be as well chopping by hand. Look forward to your responses.
  3. mac2

    Best chainsaw chain?

    Thanks for your input guys.
  4. mac2

    Best chainsaw chain?

    Thank you for your advice and honesty. Much appreciated
  5. mac2

    Best chainsaw chain?

    Looking for advice on the best chainsaw chain for a stihl ms 362c. And my old husqvarna 50 Price Where to get Type Etc Used for felling and processing. Thanks in advance R
  6. It's all Ash and the postcode is FK83LT. 72 Tonne +
  7. Looking to hire a processor Stirlingshire, any advice or offers greatfully received.
  8. Looking for prices Inc vat and delivery to Fk83pd, must be properly seasoned and all hardwood please. Regards Rod
  9. mac2

    Best/Fastest seasoning of firewood

    Short but sweet. Are there companies that will kiln dry wood? Central scotland?
  10. Looking for ideas on this please guys. Regards R
  11. Hi Tom, apologies not been on here for a while. Have you still got the oak? How many tons can you deliver in a go? Is Buchlyvie FK83LT too far? Regards R
  12. Looking for prices and suggested suppliers of wood lorry sized delivery of hardwood in central scotland please.
  13. mac2

    Firewood processor hire

    What cordwood have you for sale and prices please. Regards Rod

    <p>Hi, </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Kipper Hire are an Arb machinery hire company based near Dunfermline (KY12 0SJ). We've got 2 Farmi WP36's available for hire. Give us a ring on 0131 603 7606 or drop me an email at <a href="mailto:" rel="">craig.smith@kipperhire.com</a> if you want anymore info. </p>




  15. Looking for a firewood processor to hire for a full weekend. Based in central scotland near stirling. Any input welcomed please guys. Regards R


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