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  1. Since this is a .co.uk you're asking for Aberdeenshire area? https://www.wallacecamerontraining.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwv_iEBhASEiwARoemvOANRZIAMXTMDwf_jQHZxFDeCP8_vmPbdIgFDNi-vQ-sT-PzMmiJQRoCO1AQAvD_BwE
  2. https://www.premiumsawchain.co.uk/pages/Chain_Identification/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwit_8BRCoARIsAIx3Rj6kCx01ojrqw_mLqvfAyPBqmPSSq2dUcd1lUeeJ2YzRTICWQFFapMMaAlbpEALw_wcB
  3. We've got one of their log grabs, it bent on the first use. We've since straightened it and strengthened and now have a cheap working log grab. Be prepared to fix it.
  4. Our Pine is particularly bad this year. It is just on the sap wood at the log ends. Doesn't effect the burning though.
  5. For firewood 2.5m is to short imo. 4 stacks of 3m lengths right to the top on a wagon and drag is what firewood folks are after.
  6. About £20 more than north Scotland.
  7. If you could pm me your details I’ll pass then on. Thanks
  8. Are you local to the postcode? Thanks
  9. Looking for firewood supplier for a friend. DN20 area Thanks
  10. 20 mins to fill an IBC (1.2m3) with that set up.
  11. fonzy

    Radio earmuffs

    Get a pair of noise cancelling bluetooth headphones and connect to your phone for internet radio, podcasts or music. Or for noisier jobs pelter 3's and the same but in ear ones.
  12. fonzy


    From taking stacked creates of 25cm logs and converting them to loose filled 1m3 cages you get 1.4m3 loose from a stacked 1m3 of logs.
  13. fonzy

    Tajfun Bar

    Hello, What bar fits a Tajfun 400 processor? 17" 3/8 husky? thanks
  14. What width is your poly tunnel? Thanks


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