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  1. Yes, got one from Ernest Bennett. Couldn’t find it cheaper anywhere else either, and fits really well, I gave them the measurements. Really happy with product, seems really good quality. I chipped a couple of teeth through no fault of the blade and where I had the teeth sorted they commented that they are good blades. Unfortunatly I was a bit disappointed with the service, and to a degree the lies. Was told if I ordered that week, would beat the rush and should be couple of weeks. Phoned after 3 and were waiting for the steel plate, still not done after 4. During week 5 they said was being posted next day, still nothing, then said it couldn’t be delivered and was heading back to them, which was a lie, and finally turned up after 6 weeks. Took the shine of a good product for me.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will have a ring round Monday morning,
  3. That would be good. I have an 800mm blade on it and this seems to be the sticking point. Struggling to get much reply from Ernest Bennett at the moment.
  4. Thanks. Worth making a phone call tomorrow and seeing.
  5. Tried that but too many missing and the seats have worn on the ones that are missing so can’t stick new ones on unfortunately
  6. Hi there. I am in need of a new circular saw blade for the log machine. It’s an old Japa (1700). Tungsten tipped. Any recommendations of where to buy with value for money. Based in north Kent but obviously these things can be posted thanks
  7. Yes may kill it a bit. What would your prices be out of interest?
  8. Hi there. I am after someone who can cut up some chestnut lengths for me into sleepers and gate posts mainly. About 3m lengths now by 2-3ft across. Access fine, happy to help with forklift, can even do it on a concrete pad. (We are on a Farm). Wanted it done before harvest but realise this may be a push now but been let down by or not had a response from people I’ve tried so far. Looking for someone who actually wants to do the job without sounding rude! thanks in advance Stuart
  9. Thanks. Well if you have time at some point that would be amazing! It is a japa 1700 from 1997. Had crap build up under the splitting ram between it and the casing before and had it out but it was struggling more then and making a horrible sound when it it went in and out which it is not doing this time. Just gets slower as you use it. Could be the filter. Is there just the one in the tank and where is the best place to get one? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I have been viewing this site from afar and have now taken the step and joined. I have found it to be a useful source of info, ideas and general chit chat. And now I could do with a bit of help if possible! I'm self employed working on farms during the busy periods (spring and summer) and then fill in with various things to keep busy, one being doing logs in the winter. I buy in cord and process it down, 4-5 arctic loads I guess a year. Not masses but fills in time and is slowly expanding. I'm pretty lucky that my old boss used to do logs and still has his old japa processor in the yard where I keep my wood. It's a 90's machine so not the newest and worked hard in its time but makes my life easier! Not sure of the model but has the saw blade. And this is where I could do with some help. After chopping the log it drops into the splitter bit where the ram pushes it through the splitter. Well the ram no longer wants to fully retract automatically, and gets slower coming back as you use the machine. You can override it with the manual leaver. I just wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of someone who could help me or maybe even come and service it. I think the linkages may be worn and someone who knows what there looking at will probably be more use than me scratching my head! I'm based in north kent. Many thanks for reading this and hope someone can help.


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