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  1. Called out for this one.

    That could have been worse
  2. Go on then, What was your best Present??

    Tickets to see sea sick Steve!!!!
  3. Brilliant What a guy
  4. Really like this table

    That's mint
  5. Old tree books

    I found this little beauty today at a car boot sale It's only a pocket guide
  6. Husky 540 cutting and climbing

    From a Manc to Manc Reg that is a fantastic video r kid
  7. Health and Safety: Beware of the Tiger ladder

    You can't Even use a cordless drill off a ladder on site now It's all mobile towers WITH ladders for access That's how they like it Safety first and all that jazz
  8. Health and Safety: Beware of the Tiger ladder

    Using a ladder on site you should have 3 points of contact ie 2 feet and 1 hand or vice versa Ladders are for access only I worked with an old boy who last one if his arms in the seventies we use to call him ground zero!!
  9. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=271596285668 This must tickle someone fancy It's nearly immaculate And a real cutting tool
  10. How long does a file last?

    I've got a box of safe edge files and they seem better than most I've used
  11. I picked this up at a fair in wood hall spa, Lincolnshire while camping with the family last weekend It the 68 print compiled by W J Stokoe It was first printed in 1937 Cost me £2.50 It's old school quality
  12. Great sawing action!!!

    Oh my days what have I just watched Someone tell that clown b&q will sell him a chain for his saw
  13. Reccy Climb whippendell wood 12th july

    Is the family welcome as it would be a nice a nice weekend away
  14. Chainsaw Rage in Pub

    You'd look a proper dick if it cut out as you came in giving it big licks!! I really don't know what to say about this as I struggle to comprehend what the world is coming to But given a chance I'd have smashed a bar stool over the top of his head and calmly finished my beer👍👍
  15. Any tip sites for wood and chip near rock in Cornwall ?????

    Oh yeah and he only wants logs!!!


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