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  1. What license for 7.5t?

    CPC course service check every 6 weeks poss Tacograph.
  2. One for Steve bullman ;)

    I found they were killers on the feet until they wore in and I did like the Stihl boots too.
  3. Unimogs rock thread

    Not sure if this has been posted. [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIyxc1JV1u4[/ame]
  4. Fires.

    It looked out but has restarted not long ago
  5. Fires.

    There is a lot of fires being started on the mountains around us in S Wales including this one of Machen opposite our house. The helicopter has been back and forth for a while and we have a reservoir behind us which is handy.
  6. shrub suppliers south wales

    Flowering Shrubs - Cardiff | J Deen & Son and The Dutch Garden Centre Try them they are on the M4 junction 30. I used them when I had my own business and gave discount if asked.
  7. Timberwolf fuel tank TW 190TDHB

    New machine and the fuel tank is moving around in it's cradle, the packing surrounding it has fallen out which is not very good, our own fitters have had to do a fix themselves as the supplier said there was nothing wrong with it.
  8. 2 men in a mewp?

    Always have the operator and one with a saw, they assist by holding the branch unless a straight drop.
  9. Multifuel stove installation

    I have installed three now, my old house, current house and a neighbours, it's not rocket science and the last one Building regs was under a £100.
  10. Woodburning stove - cost

    It's easy to fit yourself, I have installed three now, one in my old house, the one where I live now and one for my neighbour I got building regs and passed so no need of Heatas.
  11. Fans on log burner?

    I have had a two blade e-bay one for nearly three years and just bought a four blade one for just under 50 quid on e-bay, and it does make a difference to the room. If you go for one, get a four blade one.
  12. tree failure pictures

    A sort of failure the tree was on top of a bank and rolled down the bank onto it's crown.
  13. New TW190TDHB fuel tank

    We had a new 190 first used Friday 9th Jan to replace the older machine there are a few new features on the new one including a new style fuel tank. This morning 13 Jan I noticed the fuel tank seemed to be imploding on itself I could not undo the fuel cap as it was really tight, behind the cap there is( looks like ) a grease nipple on the tank we loosened the nipple off and there was a hiss of air drawing in and the tank went back to it's correct shape, we still had to knock the cap to loosen it but is now fine. Has anyone else had this problem, I have e-mailed TW and await a response.
  14. Called out for this one.

    Trevethin school
  15. Called out for this one.

    We were called out for this and a few more, poplar fell on a school bus and two cars, three pupils injured but not to serious.


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