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  1. <p>your avatar and last post suggests you have some interesting views/thoughts on trees! you should join in more often</p>

  2. by the way, your message box is full

  3. thanks for the heads up and txt, hadnt replied was upto my neck, see the reduction thread later!:lol:


    I still owe you a lunch, we going to be seeing you sometime in the foray season?:thumbup1:



  4. nice aavatar sad sack! ha ha ha

  5. Rob, Ive left me phone at work and its friday! so youll not be able to ring me! I will see you at whippendell car park at 8 as arranged unless I hear from you by mail or in here tonight

  6. Oh Crap, i suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, What would you like to see hear me do?

  7. Success! ordered 2, so one for the book club too.


    Theres some really nice stuff on that site, shall be buying a few more from there sometime.

  8. Gerrit, ive tried to find your CD through ETI but am directed to an error page and cant locate a source for buying your CD?

  9. Cool, Rob Rainford and CZhey are two lads that NEED to see staverton. Rob is taking on board the fistulina hypothesis and running with it on his Bsc

  10. david, I want you to come up to bens estate with me some time, your REALLY missing out here, if the hericium fruits again next year and we can get a window of oportunity we simply must go up.

  11. david, had this book for ages, its taken me this long to fully appreciate the content, Olaf schmidt wood and tree fungi biology protection damage and use. Well worth a read with loads of pucka detailed info in it.

  12. http://bibliothek.fzk.de/zb/berichte/Mattheck-Poster-100910.pdf


    some good ones in there, hadnt seen these till now though i have a few given to me.

  13. cool, ive had to drop that one for a bit, really focusing on solving the meripilus riddle now!



  14. David, when your in the market for another book (I know!) lol look out for "The ecology of mycorrhizae" micheal F Allen

  15. funny you should say no, today.... well wait and see!

  16. Are you seeing more aurantiporus fissilis and pholiotta squarossus than usual this year?

  17. its tommorow mate! no cash needed unless you wanna buy tea and a hot dog at the stand lunchtimes

  18. are you BTS as in BTS group?

  19. davids not been on to deal with this request, can you delete the claus images from post in reduction thread as soon as poss, spot of trouble i am in!



  20. ha ha mine needed a empty too by the looks! done

  21. and the arb association best practice guide to surveying looks a good read too! lol


    by rhe way your message bin needs emptying fella!

  22. Hi Paul, been thinking about this AWG thing, do you think I have anything to contribute? shall I get involved?

  23. so wanna tell me about arborjet and the issues for the u.k, bartletts are using it?


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