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  1. just taken the motors off and the bottom one has a dude seal
  2. i have Timberwolf 150 and today have noticed a large amount of hydraulic oil on the feed rollers any idea what could be the cause of this (does it mean one of the motors is faulty ) works fine a part from this, recently had top up of hydraulic oil and needs a new hydraulic air filter.
  3. I have used rustoleum combi colour paint with small roller gives a half decent finish.
  4. Cheers for reply will message you
  5. Any freelance climbers around who cover Canterbury/Kent? Could do with a couple more contacts. Cheers!
  6. I have just finished building exactly what you have described I went timber frame using a company called roe timber in kent very cheap and spec I wanted, had to get a self build mortgage but Darlington do then and at good rates. With your skill set I would think you would find it quite easy plumbing is all speed fit now and I was lucky brother is electrician.
  7. Never tried it but have seen it done (think it was on grand designs straw bale walls to a house)
  8. I'm near Canterbury so very close to home have had people sniffing around and some very strange phone calls about what kit I have where to by it and do i lend it out etc have kept and logged numbers. so they must be working area i know garden centre near wingham has also been done over.
  9. Hi all iam looking for the front panel for my entec the one that goes around the radiator with a bonnet latch on. Mine has got to the point where its not repairable, and fabricators are to busy to knock new one up (as only small job for them), does anyone know who would stock one or has an entec they are taking to bit cheers for your help
  10. taken it to bits and can see the crank is sightly bent, got a friend to have a look just to make sure, and yep my left handed brute force efforts of getting the first clucth off ( hammer coal chisel) have bent it. Will try and straighten if not will put new crank in.
  11. Cheers for reply have been having another look and when chain brake is on it pushes clutch drum up at a very slight angle making it uneven. I think this is what is causing the friction
  12. Had to put a new clutch and oil pump on my ms361 all correct parts fitted but now when chainsaw runs and chain brake is applied the saw cuts out, apart from this the saw runs fine, I replaced needle bearing etc when I did clutch. I'm stumped with this old clutch took a good thump to get off wondering if I have done something to crank (but it looks fine with no play)
  13. BTS

    Off road tyres

    im just about to put a set of maxtrek su 800 on my defender after seeing how well they perform on mates hilux plus only £65 each from tyreleader so worth a shot
  14. just outside littlebourne on road to wingham is bramling corner there is chestnut fencing place i know they have big log splitter but dont know if they hire
  15. Hi i have this kwikchip has a ruggerini rd270 engine and is on turntable, second chipper that is just sat idle, wanted to find out model number (not on machine) so i can sell.


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