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  1. Bunzena

    Scythe mowers

    This what happens when you have too much time on your hands, have a really big shed and watched Thunderbirds as a kid.
  2. Simple. Always look at the total cost -because that's what I'm going to pay. But I NEVER buy on price alone. Happy to pay a bit more if I know the company has a reputation for good advice/service. That's especially true if it's something that I'm only ever going to 'buy once' or 'buy very occasionally'.
  3. If you've not already approached them try the Insurance Ombudsman. https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/businesses/complaints-deal/insurance/home-buildings-insurance/settling-home-insurance-claims They have the power to compel the insurer to act.
  4. The trouble is - it's a numbers game. All they need is one or two people/businesses to pay-out and they're ahead. All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration... Vigilance, people. Vigilance.
  5. If that had been me - the wee coming out would have extinguished the flames
  6. Dog vs Rabbit.flv Steve - I think what your proposing will work - and I don't see the rats causing problems. You don't say what sort of rabbits you've got. Big/small? We had a French Lop [weighed 5kgs] and he'd see anything the size of a rat 'off'. When he got p1ssed-off - he'd chase the children round the garden AND he'd been neutered! The enclosure sounds pretty secure. Maybe set it up and see how it goes. Echoing Stubby - rabbits can be pretty protective. [See attached]. I'm not aware of rats invading a rabbit warren in the wild... Dog vs Rabbit.flv
  7. I'd echo Mark J. It is easy to set up a company - but there are some pitfalls too. Especially in terms of understanding your responsibilities for filing, etc. A good accountant will advise on your options - and will even set things up for you, if you want. It will cost a bit more - but it saves time and worry in the end. Don't have or know a decent accountant? Always go on recommendations.
  8. I switched to Aspen 3+ years ago across all my kit. I had to change some parts after a the first season [Carb diaphragms and fuel lines] because Aspen seemed to cause some issues [leaks - primarily]. Now all is fine. This is another reason I haven't gone back - even briefly - to standard two stroke and pump fuel. Like a few others here - I now have a mix of petrol and battery tools. True that for some jobs - battery doesn't cut it - but for many it does. I have only used the petrol strimmer/brushcutter twice this season. The future is electric! Accept that Aspen is expensive but I'd never go back. In 100 years time, people will marvel at the risks we put ourselves in using ordinary petrol in tools we used 'close-up'. Alkylate fuels like Aspen are far from perfect - but what price is your health?
  9. Bunzena

    Missing Chickens

    Best to know what's doing the killing - then you can work out the best strategy to stop it. We lost a few ducks to what I thought was a fox - turned out to be rats. [Not suggesting this is the case with you]. An electric fence is a good suggestion for a Fox - not so good if the culprit has wings. We bought a cheap wildlife camera and set it up. Caught the b4stards on film - in the act. Mixture of Fenn traps and poison then sorted-out things out.
  10. I'd second what nepia says. The 'Latin' names often have a 'meaning' that describe the plant itself. Making it more memorable. "Horse chestnut" = Aesculus hippocastanum. Hippo = horse, castanum = chestnut. [Yes, yes - it's actually Greek!] Once you've learnt a few - it will all start to join up and then make a lot more sense. Even works across the world of nature. "Hippopotamus". Hippo = horse, potamus = river. Hippopotamus = River Horse. [Greek again]. Nigrum [black], Lanceolata [lance shaped], Bella [beautiful], Odoratus [sweet smelling], etc.
  11. Looking for some advice and/or views on a Mitox Log Splitter. A relative [lives in another part of the UK - so I'm not around to help] is looking to buy a domestic log splitter. It will be used once or twice a year - to split no more than 2-3 tonnes of wood. He's not up for using a maul [70+] - so looking for a splitter. Budget is really tight. He wants a splitter on a stand. So the best value seems to be the Mitox LS65x. Online at around £270. Any views on this model, or on Mitox in general or on anything at a similar price that might be better? Much appreciated.
  12. My wife has a Mitsubishi PHEV Plug-in. Swapped an older Kia Sorento that was comfortable and reliable - but costing £150 in diesel each month. Each morning she does a school run of around 20 miles - all on electric. In two-and-a-half years she's notched-up 30k miles. It wasn't especially cheap to buy - but running costs are low. With a mix of long and short journeys - it's averaging around 65 mpg. The tech is pretty clever. It's hard to notice when it switches from petrol to electric and vice versa. It just 'does it's stuff'. It's quick to drive [petrol engine and electric motors working together deliver approx. 200 bhp and bundles of torque] and very quiet. It handles really well in wet, snowy and muddy conditions [the drivetrain and steering and very clever]. It feels a generation ahead of any other petrol or diesel car I've driven in the past couple of years. It doesn't always get the best reviews in the press - but it really is one of the nicest cars I've driven [and I've had a few over the years]. The only downside is that the interior feels a bit cheap for a car that has a high list price. I do think they are a good bet second-hand though. Interestingly, when the guy from Chargemaster came to fit our charging point - he mentioned that there's a big reliability difference between the Japanese/Korean Hybrids/Plug-ins and the Europeans. He implied that the Japanese/Koreans have been playing with Hybrids for so much longer - they're producing better products. No doubt that we're starting to reach a point where an all electric car is a real possibility. I had a look at the all electric Kia Kona recently. Reliable range of around 270 miles.
  13. I've also gone the Makita route. Brushless chainsaw, hedge trimmer and strimmer. All 36 volts. Not as good as the petrol equivalents - but still brilliant - and I find I'm using them more and more. I have mostly 5 amp batteries. The charge time for 6 amp batteries is around 45 minutes versus 22 minutes for the 5 amp ones.
  14. Just seen two Spitfires and a Dakota fly over the house. Fantastic. When I think I'm having a tough day - I sometimes remember what it must have been like for those arriving at the Normandy beaches.... Saw Guy Martin's programme over the weekend where some of the veterans [all in their 90s] were talking about their experiences. All had the gift of understatement about what they'd been through.


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