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  1. A scrap 175 will still make big money.
  2. The thing i find with some so called fencers(large companies incl) is that they use 5ft posts that are hardly in the ground but does look good when finished.A blast of wind or cattle pushing then it doesnt look so good. My moto is do the job properly first time and you dont need to go back.
  3. RSA Will insure from two vehicles up on a fleet policy. Give them a call
  4. Will your employer not cover you under there own insurance that is if they have any?
  5. skyhuck im in basically in the same situation as you except its a family firm that i use.They once told me that hmrc dont really bother with the same checks that they would with a normal accountant /bookeeper.
  6. A good accountant should not cost fortune to do all the work for you.At least there should not be any mistakes that the lay person might make.
  7. Can you not get your accountant to do all the registration work.It doesn't cost much more.
  8. Was with the AA for few years and didn't like them when i had to use them. Im with greenflag fleet and not had a problem they also cover you for europe which is handy.
  9. I wish mine was £400 but then again as benedmonds says. Are they just a home bookeeper if they are they can't finish off a ltd companies books.
  10. It depends who you are insured with and the price you pay.
  11. If its a LTD company you will need a chartered accountant to finish of your books. Try and get a small family firm if possible as they will be much easier to speak to.
  12. You can try them and say you got the info from this site. Home - home and garden maintenance It might be to far out though.


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