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  1. Chip and timber drop around Skelmanthorpe required

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a woodchip/timber drop site around the Skelmanthorpe area? (between Barnsley and Huddersfield) Thanks in advance!
  2. Groundie/occasional climber required, Doncaster

    We need a groundie /occasional climber to join us as and when required, most likely a couple of days a week. This would suit someone looking to fill up their week, perhaps leading to something more permanent. We are based in Conisbrough, Doncaster. Drop me an email for more details - gloamingtreesurgery@gmail.com or call James on 07735 315721.
  3. Chip tip site required Bawtry

    Hi All, Looking for a site to tip chip in or around Bawtry this weekend - any contacts welcome. Cheers!
  4. Web designers

  5. Web designers

    Morning all! I'm looking for recommendations for web designers, I have built and been running my own site for a few years but want something a bit more "shiny" Any contacts/suggestions would be very helpful.
  6. Arborisk - We Are Award Winners!

    Glad to have joined you! Thanks Scott for your help today in sorting my new policy - helpful and hassle free.
  7. Working alongside idiots

    You might be right, although to be fair they were making a scene
  8. Working alongside idiots

    Before we left I did nip round to see the bloke who came out and had a go and explained the situation, he was sound enough with it. Didn't fancy doing the whole cul-de sac.
  9. Working alongside idiots

    We were on a job yesterday consisting of removing six leylands from a domestic garden, big trees next to the highway on a cul-de-sac, climbed job and three of us on it. The job was part of a house and garden renovation and the owner hasn't yet moved in and wasn't on site. What we didn't know was that there was a "landscaping team" working on the gardens at the same time. They were friends of the home owner. Anyway, long and short of it is they were absolute wing-nuts, music blaring out, shouting, swearing and their work was shocking. After a couple of hours the neighbours were getting annoyed and one bloke came out and had a go at them. Our truck was sat on the road, sign written up doing its job in full view of the whole cul-de-sac and it suddenly dawned on me that the whole cul-de-sac probably thought that they were working for me In the end I ended up having a "quiet word" with them telling them to shut up, it didn't go down very well and didn't really make that much difference. I found the whole day annoying and frustrating, short of putting a sign up saying these d**K he**s don't work for me I was a bit stumped. I nearly fell out of the tree when I saw one of them going at a sorbus with a hedge cutter, the neighbours have seen my business working there and a hacked about sorbus left in the front garden.... It's frustrating that your hard earned reputation can take a knock like that through no fault of your own *Rant over*
  10. Transit dropside tipper conversion

    Cheers fellas
  11. Transit dropside tipper conversion

    I've got a mk6 transit dropside that I want converting to a tipper. Has anyone ever seen it done or got any recommendations for anywhere that does conversions around Yorkshire? Cheers.
  12. how does gtm pro chipper compare to .....?

    Six months or so, I took a gamble and went for the 13hp gte engine which to be honest has never missed a beat, not used any oil etc. I reckoned if after a while the engine packed in I could replace it with a 13hp Honda unit which isn't an option when you buy them new in Britain but apparently was overseas. I like to use the chipper in my "bijou rig" Got an old Berlingo with an electric winch mounted behind the seats and ally ramps. It pulls the chipper straight in, perfect fit with 5cm to spare. Stick my little caged trailer on the back and it's ideal for little jobs!
  13. how does gtm pro chipper compare to .....?

    I've got a GTM1300 pro, cracking little machine. It performs very well, get it in the back of a van, through garden gates, the hopper and chute take off easily meaning it will fit in the back of a small van with ease - for the money you can't go wrong.
  14. Fleet insurance for two vans?

    Cheers fellas
  15. Fleet insurance for two vans?

    I'm currently running a Berlingo which I have insured through Gladiator and i've decided to finally get myself a tipper. Gladiator don't do multi van policies and so I would have to take a second policy out with them for the tipper. The trouble with that is that I can't use my no claims on more than one van - so it's stupid money So, can anyone recommend an insurer that will insure two vans on a fleet insurance? A lot seem to ask for three vans plus. Or are there any companies that will insure two vans on two policies but give a good discount for insuring both? I have been advised to try Adrian Flux and NFU so far, any other ideas? Cheers.


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