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    rural galloway sw scotland
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    collect books and country furniture, attend the local Baptist church
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    run a firewood business, breed pure lleyn sheep and a few suckler cows
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  1. timjmac

    ID on wood species please

    Just wondering what species this is ?
  2. timjmac

    Calling all Dalen owners.

    We are on our 2nd Dalen 2054 processor, I think for the money they have the best capacity for Large awkward timber. Click on YouTube and search timjmacx. they do have their faults, I think the general quality in our earlier machine was actually better than that in our newer machine, it's also a shame they don't do an integrated live log deck. have also tried Posch equipment and it's very well made
  3. timjmac

    Cleaning firewood

    Cheers , might stick a bid on it. am in sw Scotland , not really sugar beet land !!
  4. timjmac

    Cleaning firewood

    Anybody know where I could purchase an old sugar beet tumbler to use for cleaning firewood ?
  5. timjmac

    Oak posts wanted

    Hi, Looking to purchase a couple of oak posts, approx 12 foot long and 5 to 6. Inch square. Am in sw Scotland Thanks Tim
  6. timjmac

    Who needs kiln dried...

    From experience over the years selling firewood ,a lot of customers burn wood because of its green credentials, if they knew the real cost of kiln drying logs and chips there would be an uproar!
  7. Interesting discussion! We have used Dalen processors for the last 10 yrs .http://youtu.be/IJIww6ufwmo We now run on 3 phase electric which is a lot cleaner and quieter. Many good points on the Dalen but I would say what it does lack is an integrated fully hydraulic deck and no hydraulic log holder.
  8. timjmac

    Cord King processor

    Hi, anybody out there run one of these monsters ?
  9. timjmac

    Advice sought on pricing boards

    Good point, I have noticed some amazing prices compared to what I can charge , it's a similar story with firewood.
  10. timjmac

    Advice sought on pricing boards

    Thanks Alec, I see I'm going to have to find my measuring tape and calculator. Timjmac
  11. Been in the firewood business for ten years now,and enjoy the benefits of a simple and transparent pricing structure( it keeps neighbours happy if they compare what they have paid for their logs) Always have a few milled boards available, however need some advice on how to price them. Many thanks, Timjmac.
  12. timjmac

    JotulF3 CB woodburner issue

    Having run a Jotul stove for the last 20 years I have nothing but admiration for them. On the No3 which I have ,the side plates back plate and top baffle all require replacing every few years, they protect the cast iron outside of the stove.
  13. timjmac

    Ideas to make money from land

    You don't need planning for the most basic touring caravan site

    <p>Hi Moray Logs,</p>

    <p>Apologies I haven't quite Figured out the message system. It's for wholesale use.</p>



  15. timjmac

    Who runs a 3 phase firewood processor

    Hi, we updated our processor and now run it on 3 phase, there is no comparison, it's a much more pleasant operating experience, less noise, no fumes, every bit as much power, you also gain space where the tractor would have been sitting and it's easier to keep the processor clear of sawdust.


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