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  1. Did earlier in the year, mostly with evolution at the moment, Frank works for James now!!!
  2. Yes mate, 6 days a week most weeks, done some monsters recently. But on the plus side we are done by 2 mostly, smash em out and feck off home😎
  3. blue

    Climber needed

    Where abouts in Essex?
  4. Is there any information on the ratio of diseased trees to what are deemed healthy trees that are to felled?
  5. How do large company's like these with multiple offices gain AAAC status? Is each office assessed or just the head office?
  6. Morals, none whatsoever but I'm a subby, as Steve said though I do choose who I work for. A few decidedly iffy jobs spring to mind, but they were all above board and nothing illegal, if we didn't someone else would have.
  7. Fuel can in the basket, that is a naughty no-no, not worth the risk even if it is a small 1.
  8. To be a successful subby you need to be able to do any tree you are given with the equipment available. I sub too about 6 different co's with varying levels of gear ranging from virtually nothing to a 23m spider lift. Most of my work is just run of the mill stuff with the odd crappy tree thrown in but this is because they know I can do whatever is asked. If someone only ever gets me me in for horrible trees then they are either charged a lot more £££ or more often than not I'd be busy. I don't like people that extract urine as it were.
  9. I'll do it go 70, oh wait........it's not down to me In all seriousness its an easy day and would be ideal for anyone wanting to get some experience and learn a few things. If your really lucky you'll get to witness the complete destruction of a greenhouse and shed.
  10. Sorry to hear, a guy I sub too in N.Herts got done in exactly the same method a few weeks ago. Dragged a tractor away from the doors, cut off about 10 expensive padlocks. Lost the lot chipper,saws etc. Sounds like the same lot, maybe worth a mention to the police??
  11. blue


    Forgot location:blushing: about 2miles from Royston in Herts. Couldn't take pics as I've cracked the lens on my camera but there are 4 bits approx 8" dia and 4' in length. 1 of these has some decay but there is still 2' of useable timber. The other pieces are up to 6" dia and 3ish' in length. I'll get some pics on monday and post them.
  12. blue


    Thread hijack, I also have some large pieces of Box cut today, will take some pics tomoz if anyones interested in it. A couple of pieces are 6"+ dia and around 3-4' long and quite a few smaller pieces
  13. One of the most important things with hand signals I find as a climber is that you should only communicate with 1 person on the floor. As a freelancer I work with quite a few differant people and they all have simalar hand signals but you need to trust each other. I will make it clear what I'm gonna do, wether it be knocking a bit out or where I'm gonna cut a lowered section so to give an idea of size and until I gett a thumbs up will not do anything, I will always only do this with 1 person that I trust and they trust me. Once your given thumbs up you have to trust that every thing is cool to cut, it's when you have to many people on the floor telling you differant things when things can go wrong if you pay attention to them all.


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