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  1. We are looking for staff to join us. Based in Berkshire Get in touch PM on here or [email protected] Regards Neil Beechwood Tree Care Ltd
  2. Afraid to say I’ve been messed about and I’m still looking for staff. Part time, Full time, subbies, 1 day a week or 5, happy to consider anyone but you must be qualified and experienced. The work is constant, our kit and staff are first class. Please email a CV or the like to [email protected] Regards Neil Beechwood Tree Care Ltd
  3. Think you misread fella We are based in Berkshire mid way between Reading Henley and Maidenhead Get in touch if your interested and let’s have a chat Regards Neil Beechwood Tree Care Ltd
  4. Thanks for your interest Look forward to hearing from you Regards Neil Beechwood Tree Care Ltd
  5. Beechwood Tree Care are looking for experienced staff. Have a look at our post in the employment section and get in touch. Regards Neil Beechwood Tree Care Ltd
  6. We are looking for experienced staff. Check out our recent post in the employment section. Regards Neil Beechwood Tree Care Ltd
  7. Thankyou Just hoping the right people see it and respond
  8. Thanks bud Let’s hope the people are looking ?
  9. Beechwood Tree Care is looking for a EXPERIENCED climber. We are based mid way between Reading, Henley and Maidenhead in Berkshire. We are looking for someone with talent who is * Experienced * Qualified * Reliable * Has the right attitude towards working as part of a team * Strives to carry out work to a highest standard * Will learn from a mistake * Proposes solutions to problems * Willing to take on extra responsibilities within the company If it’s full time position you will receive * A basic salary of £35k plus extra allowances (This is dependent on your experience and qualifications) * Bonuses when you carry out extra works. * Company vehicle to travel to and from work. * 28 days holiday, rising by 1 day for every year of service. * Top of the range PPE and company uniform. * Company pension with generous company contributions. * Respect for your talents. * Freedom to propose your own ideas. * A great working environment. * The latest up to date tools and equipment. * Good work (we allow plenty of time on jobs, we don't top trees, we don't ask our arborists to cut hedges). * Early finish on a Friday (we only work on site in the morning, the afternoon is spent maintaining our equipment) * An environment where you can improve and better yourself. * Further training courses If your looking to Sub Contract be £165 per day and upwards dependent on what you can offer. We believe in hiring slow. So we want to get to know you first. Have a good chat and maybe get you to do a few days, to see what you think. This allows us the time to make sure you are the right fit for Beechwood and just as importantly Beechwood is right for you. If your interested. In first instance we ask you to have a look at our Instagram page ('beechwoodtreecare') and our website (www.beechwoodtreecare.co.uk), this should give you good flavour of what we are about and what we do. Following that if you feel you would like to be considered for the position then email your CV or a brief summary of work history and qualifications to [email protected] I will review it and give you a call for a chat about yourself and the position. Then we can take it from there. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from you. Neil
  10. Must be only part of the UK without a high demand for full time employees.
  11. Bob I take your point. It can feel like the HSE just chase the employer without holding the employees to account but we do have a responsibility as employers. But I fear you are probably partially right and they have left Bartlett’s to pick up the pieces for their cock up. However I’m sure if Bartlett’s had sent the team out with instructions on how to set up the site, to section fell the tree and with staff qualified to do the work, that then they wouldn’t have been fined so heavily if at all. Obviously I’m speculating based on the brief HSE description because I haven’t read the court transcript, so I could be wrong. What I do know is that over the past few years I’ve had guys approaching me for work who are under qualified for what they claim to be able to do. When I say they need more qualifications they respond saying they don’t need them to work for x, y and z. I regularly hear x, y and z are cheaper than you and I think of course they are as they are cutting corners! My hope is that this kind of prosecution will lead to more companies realising if they need to employ fully qualified staff and have good work procedures in place or they are risking a £25k fine if things go wrong. Surely this will promote higher standards, help weed out the idiots and is in the long term better for the whole industry. Of course it might just be a unachievable pipe dream but I live in hope. Regards Neil
  12. In my personal opinion I don’t think £24k plus costs is harsh. I think they got off lightly, bearing in mind the list of failings and the financial size of a company like Bartlett’s. I’m glad nobody was hurt but it could have so easily seriously injured or killed a bystander/member of the Barlett’s team. Good on the HSE for going to town on them. I hope this will be a positive thing for our industry, the threat of a large fine is a big incentive to all of us not to cut corners. Would be very interesting to read the whole judgement but don’t know if that’s available. Await to see what the AA does, not holding my breath. Regards Neil
  13. Paul Enforcement of the standards is an issue. Many people complain that AAAC carry out poor work and don’t comply with basic H+S standards. A recent post on Facebook complained that a large AAAC had such poor prices on council contracts that management of H+S had to be disregarded to get enough work done. The guy said a 2 man team had to do 7 of the pollards shown in photo below per day. The general feeling is other than the inspection the AA does nothing. As an industry we, and I’m sure you, know who the culprits are. I suggest you do something about and publicise when you do. After a couple of companies are thrown off the scheme I’m sure everyone else will quickly step into line. Have you thrown anyone off the scheme? Having been a AAAC for many years I have never had a visit other than scheduled assessments. The industry wants you to be tough on those who take the piss. The other issue is the scheme adding value to a business i.e companies getting more work by being a AAAC. In my experience this is not the case, although I will admit we do not bid on large contracts and don’t massively market our AAAC status. My simple suggestion would be that you convince Tree Officers to only have AAACs on there approved lists. This would be a great incentive for many companies to join the scheme. I know many already do but fill in the gaps, surely it is in there interest to help the AA increase participation and increase standards. Hope this helps Regards Neil
  14. Where are you based? We are in Berkshire What will your rates be? Possible we might have some jobs for it, where our machine isn't big enough. Regards Neil


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