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  1. Consultant in or near Reading?

    Simon Holmes at Tree Surveys or Jasper Fulford-Dobson at Fulford-Dobson Associates
  2. Came across the same problem a while back. When we lifted the block paving we found a mat of fibrous roots in the sand that the block paving was laid on. Concluded that tree had exploited the sand base as a great place to take up water and roots could be removed, without destabilising the tree, and paving relaid. Fully expect to be back in couple of years to do same again. Tree wasn't subject to TPO, so didn't have to get it past TO. Hope this helps. Good luck Neil
  3. Sudden death in garden Cedar

    In my experience nothing is sudden with trees. So whatever did for it probably been happening over several years. Once tree is leaked other things move in and have a go, sending tree into terminal decline. To me it looks like good lawn under it so probably been treated with selective herbicide, not good for trees and not very much flare on buttress roots so levels have probably been changed, not good for trees. Only my best guess. Be careful of those powerlines when you fell it, make sure they are turned off or sheafed. Good luck Regards Neil
  4. Sena helmet comms?

    Been so impressed with SENAs we have become an agent to import them and to sell them in the UK. If your interested in buying a set a reasonable rate from someone within the industry with practical experience of using them in the field give us call. Details of the 3 product lines we stock are on arbtrader now. If came and had a try at the ArbShow you will know all about them but if you want any information or advice feel free to Send me a message on here or email/call. Great product and a must for the every arborist. Neil
  5. 'this threads about average working wages, what it should really be focussng on is the business model of firms in the uk. This is where the problem clearly is. More education is needed regarding running a business. This is more important IMO than any CS course in running a chainsaw, any diploma in aboriculture. This industry is formed from the ground up by passionate arborists who love their job and the lifestyle that goes with it, but thats not sustainable. The sooner people realise that the better.' Steve Bullman These 2 comments are spot on. Been in business for 16 years and spent the first 10 bitching and moaning, spent the last 6 working on offering a better service and selling that to my customers. I now have a great group of guys working for me and a fantastic loyal customer base. We never run out of work and we are never the cheapest (quite often double the price but still win the job). You can blame everything and everyone under the sun for why your not getting what you want from your business but the only person who is going to change the situation is you. Arboricultral Association run a good 2 day course Arb business course, I would suggest it's a good place to start. Good luck Regards Neil
  6. Watchdog

    Some rather aggressive/rude views on here. I know the expert personally and he is a very knowledgable arborist. Not to mention a nice guy. I thought the original work discussed was about £500 worth and they were quoting far more than £2k. The program was about highlighting a shocking practise from some scumbags. Well worth the BBC spending £2k if stops someone else failing victim to that sort of scam. Well done the BBC.
  7. report to be undertaken for Aesculus hippocastanum

    Wise words from 'tree life' says it all. Then follow simple report structure Clients brief Observations Conclusions Recommendations Your qualifications and experience. If your uncomfortable with doing/not capable doing any of the above get someone else to do the report for you.
  8. Sena helmet comms?

    If your upset by the price do what we did. Order them from the states and fit them to you existing lid. Cost £110 per unit.
  9. It's tricky to right the people. We have been very lucky in the past and had some great guys. Some years we get loads of interest others, like this year, we don't get many applicants. Ref your apprentice in my experience, give the kid an appraisal pointing out where he's going wrong and if he doesn't come good, give him a weeks notice on the grounds of unsuitability and re advertise.
  10. We are currently looking to hire some new apprentices but interest for this years intake has been slow. If you know someone who might be interested, pls ask them to get in touch. We are based in between Reading, Maidenhead and Henley in Berkshire. The money is not great but it gives you a great start in the industry, a raft of qualifications, lots of practical experience and the chance of a full time job at the end of it. We take the training our apprentices seriously, in the last 3 out of 4 years one of our apprentices has won the 'apprentice of the year award' at Caple Manor College. If you want to see what we get up to follow us on Instagram BEECHWOODTREECARE Beechwood Tree Care Ltd are a family run tree surgery company based in Wargrave, Berks. 3 Apprentice’s Required 18 month apprenticeship in partnership with Capel Manor College. The successful applicant will need to have an interest in working in an outdoor environment. Preferably live in the area and a Full Driving licence is essential. All training and full personal protective equipment is provided. Starting salary will be £150.00 per week plus 20 days paid holiday and bank holidays. With the opportunity of full time employment after the successful completion of the apprenticeship. To apply please email your CV to contact@beechwoodtreecare.co.uk or alternatively contact the office for an application form at: Beechwood Tree Care Ltd, 4 Spring Meadows Bus Cntr, Wargrave, Berks RG10 8PZ Tel: 08000 323636 Closing date: 14th August 2015 Interviews will be held on 21st August 2015 Starting date of 14th September 2015 No Agencies
  11. Cmc spider lift or hinowa?

    I brought one because I was fed up of the hire machine breaking down/intermittently not working, that and I was spending a small fortune on hiring them. Problem with mewps is they have loads of sensors to stop you using them in an unsafe way but when they play up you can't use the machine at all. So it's not that they get abused but that they get temperamental. Looked at a second hand machine but it was 7years old, had 2500 hours on it and was still half the cost of a new one. Hence my assumption that one for £25k will be well passed its best. Hoping if we look after ours it will last for 10years. Looked at lots of mewps Teupen was simply the best and as some else mentioned the boom set up gives great out reach, which is perfect for tree work, keeps what's holding you up away from what your dropping to the ground.
  12. Stem injecting insecticide

    No one does injectable in this country, the chemicals are not licensed to be injected. There is supposed to be one coming out from Syngenta but they have been saying that for ages and still no sign of it.
  13. Cmc spider lift or hinowa?

    We run a 21m Teupen and it's the business. Cost best part of £80k inc trailer. They are a relatively new model so don't think you'd find one for your budget. Maybe a old 23m version but not likely to be any good IMO. Save up for a bit and buy a new or newer one.
  14. Tree officers recommendations?!

    I've done numerous jobs for new clients, after a recommendation from various TOs. Never thought it was wrong for them to make a recommendation although always assumed they recommended me and couple of others. I you do good work, offer a good service word gets round and you get recommend by all sorts of people.
  15. 261 not ticking over

    Only had problems with 261s. We run whole range of Stihl saws. Not been a massive problem to be honesty just an inconvenience and some thing to keep an eye out for.


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