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Show us your Arb Diggers please.

Stephen Blair

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I don't cut stones or soil:001_rolleyes:


I don't micro cut and lower everything like a lot of folk, I crash it down big, mind steer the limbs away from obstacles and then either leave for habitat or lift it big with something:biggrin:


I want a digger with all the jazz on it and I will find stuff to do with it.:thumbup:


Tom a 3 tonner is a cracking size, if I was going to buy a big digger I'd just get a 12 tonner, same hassle shifting it , yet so much more power.

But I'm not a good enough operator to go ditching or digging founds, and I never will be.

I'm only talking for shifting a few sticks about on the odd job I get here and there and around the farm .:001_smile:


Heee hee, you don't suffer carpel tunnel or other rsa conditions either. Bit more room in scotland I suppose as well. You should go into demolition.:laugh1:

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Heee hee, you don't suffer carpel tunnel or other rsa conditions either. Bit more room in scotland I suppose as well. You should go into demolition.:laugh1:


Had all the RSA things you can get , well the first signs of it, so I changed how I worked.

I have the lightest top handle on the market( I think) so no more sore forearm or wrist. I changed my climbing technique for about a year to rest my 1 side aswell and just do jobs differently now.

Oh and I walk behind a big mower 2 days a week for 6 months of the year wearing shorts and listening to music:biggrin:


Anyhoo, back to digger pics please:thumbup1:

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Seems like your set on the 3 tonner? Its a bit of an annoying size I find, like Tom said, its too big to be conveniant and nip behind a 4x4, yet for the hassle of hauling you must as well move a bigger (within reason) machine. This is a dilemma iv been in for for a while now and when looking at used machines the 5tonners work out much better value than 3. Ended going for a new 2 ton which I can move myself and will eventually get a 5 tonner too which someone else can move for me!

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My Kubota




With long dipper it works out just under 3.5 ton. I bought it because it was a genuine private machine with low hours but thought it might struggle a wee bit sometimes. Not a bit, in fact it's been a revelation, well able for any field work but handy enough to use around the yard if necessary.


Plan to put a grab on it and possibly a set of pallet forks. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

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I'll probably go for a demo grab, do it right. The thumb is good for side ways stuff, but try dragging a pole out if toumhavrmto do it long ways!

Grab and rotator is ok, but a lot of movement.

All cost depending, but I think if I buy the right machine, get the right stuff on it, then It will make life a lot easier as much as possible.

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