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Rob D

Here mate after a long size bar - what's the biggest it will pull?

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Get this question a lot and there is no answer to it!


Actually there is an answer 'I don't know because I don't know you!' It's not about the saw it's more about you the person using the saw. Personally I think it is a question you should be able to answer yourself and if you can't - stick to what the manufacture's guidelines say.


Below from milling faqs.



What is the max size bar I can put on my bar? What will my chainsaw bar pull?
It is NOT about your chainsaw – it is about you. If you have a super experienced and knowledgeable chainsaw user [Test – you don’t know your chain size, the different chains types, the difference between a rim or spur sprocket you are a very long way from being one] then he/she can mount a much longer bar on their saw and use it with success. Same chainsaw but different user who has used a saw for a few years but doesn’t really know all that much and maintenance is poor – they have the same saw but if they try and go longer they come unstuck and potentially damage the chainsaw.

You can go lo pro – and find info about that below – this def helps putting a longer bar on. But it really comes down to you not the chainsaw.

Can I put a massive long bar on my saw – I can’t afford a new large saw.. I’ll cut slowly..
Similar to above. This is not a ‘can the saw pull the bar question’. If you are asking this question you don’t know enough about your saw in general! An experienced user will already know the answer to this question. Someone who ‘thinks’ they are experienced will likely break something by putting an over size bar on their saw. So the question cannot be answered easily – if you are asking this question the answer is likely ‘no don’t do it’ as the experienced users will already know what they can do with their saw and so never ask the question in the first place!

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Just take your saw to America . You can fit whatever bar lenght you want then .

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Just take your saw to America . You can fit whatever bar lenght you want then .

Yeah bro!.... and it’ll still “rip like a mother f***er!”
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