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14 hours ago, Steve Bullman said:

I love the fact they don’t have to clip in and ring the bell with a pruning saw like the isa comps 

So do I.

I would have smoked you at the Jonesie comp a few years back with this format.

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Don't forget! The SRT Head to Head Challenge under lights will run again at Red Bull Branched Out this year in Wellington, NSW. 
This is a great spectator event where two climbers are pitted against each other to climb up the fastest using only one rope! Some of these climbers make it look too easy! 
Have you registered yet? It's capped at 100 registrations only so register now to confirm your spot! www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut

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**38 DAYS TO GO**

Time to start planning the nitty gritty stuff for your trip to Wellington, NSW for Red Bull Branched Out.
Be sure to:
 Register to confirm your spot
 Rope in (pun intended!) a few mates to come along
 Decide on where to stay and book accommodation
 Get all your gear ready to go.
 Pack some camping chairs and other creature comforts
 Train & practice hard for the big day!

Are you ready to go??

Find more info and register here: www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut


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**27 DAYS TO GO**


🚨🚨🚨 Red Bull Branched Out is just under 4 weeks away and there’s less than 20 spots left! 🚨🚨🚨:laola:


If you have a climber friend that normally leaves this sort of thing to the last minute (we all know one, right?) – make sure you get yourself and your mate online this weekend to register so you both don’t miss out!

Don't forget Thursday night's mandatory gear check and briefing (20th Sep). Just so you don’t go hungry🍴, our great sponsor Husqvarna is putting on dinner for everyone at the Wellington Lawn Mower and Chainsaw shop! See you there at 6:00pm!

For more info and to register, please visit www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut






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On ‎24‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 19:29, Chrissy said:

Any plans to move this to different destinations in the future?  Seems just about the furthest place for anyone to get to

Hi Chrissy, well you should sit where we do, everything is a long way from us as well!  Our Australian dollar has a very low exchange rate against most other international currencies, so for you to travel here is half the cost of us travelling overseas.  You should consider the ITCC event presented by the ISA annually, it is always been held in North America (except on two occasions, once in England and once in Australia.)   


On a more serious note, the event is only in its second year, it will be held in Australia for the next couple of years as it continually grows and improves.  This year there are climbers from 12 countries represented.  The key partners have a strong vision to move to an international circuit where the event is showcased in a couple of other countries with the main event always being held in Australia.  A bit like Formula One or the surfing circuit.  What we need is the support of everyone to grow the event into an international circuit, so do get on a plane, get over here and have a look around.  You just might have a good time and meet some life long mates! :five::laola:

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