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  1. If you haven't been watching the Red Bull Branched Out action LIVE on our Facebook page this past weekend, click here to see the posted live feed of the winners being announced!! Congratulations to all the winners and competitors who traveled from all around the world to attend the richest tree climbing competition in the world! Massive thanks also goes to the wonderful town of Wellington, NSW and sponsors Active Tree Services, Honey Brothers Ltd, Teufelberger, Husqvarna, and Pfanner Austria/Protos Integral. #redbullbranchedout2018
  2. IMPORTANT RED BULL BRANCHED OUT CLIMBER INFO BELOW: Red Bull Branched Out Thursday Practice Day Rules & order of climb: http://bit.ly/2xkqAeW Official programme of events with the introduction of the new Repechage Round: http://bit.ly/2PJBXUj For those using the camp grounds, please see the map here: Also remember there will be a free shuttle bus for climbers and spectators to use. Here are the routes:
  3. Hmm not sure why my reply last week didn't go through! Sorry Steve! I believe we had just over 60 climbers last year. I think Red Bull might be opening it to a bigger number for next year
  4. 🤩🤩 WE ARE SO CLOSE! We now have 97 climbers registered! Who will be the lucky 3 to make it to 100 climbers?? 🤩🤩 The 100th climber who registers will get a free Arb Aus embroidered logo polar fleece vest. Everyone likes free stuff! There's 13 days to go before you show the world your skills at Red Bull Branched Out in Wellington, NSW. It's gonna be a huge, super fun event, and if you know a mate who's been on the fence about coming, get them signed up NOW -- it's now or never!!! www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut
  5. Hi Chrissy, well you should sit where we do, everything is a long way from us as well! Our Australian dollar has a very low exchange rate against most other international currencies, so for you to travel here is half the cost of us travelling overseas. You should consider the ITCC event presented by the ISA annually, it is always been held in North America (except on two occasions, once in England and once in Australia.) On a more serious note, the event is only in its second year, it will be held in Australia for the next couple of years as it continually grows and improves. This year there are climbers from 12 countries represented. The key partners have a strong vision to move to an international circuit where the event is showcased in a couple of other countries with the main event always being held in Australia. A bit like Formula One or the surfing circuit. What we need is the support of everyone to grow the event into an international circuit, so do get on a plane, get over here and have a look around. You just might have a good time and meet some life long mates!
  6. **27 DAYS TO GO** 🚨🚨🚨 Red Bull Branched Out is just under 4 weeks away and there’s less than 20 spots left! 🚨🚨🚨 If you have a climber friend that normally leaves this sort of thing to the last minute (we all know one, right?) – make sure you get yourself and your mate online this weekend to register so you both don’t miss out! Don't forget Thursday night's mandatory gear check and briefing (20th Sep). Just so you don’t go hungry🍴, our great sponsor Husqvarna is putting on dinner for everyone at the Wellington Lawn Mower and Chainsaw shop! See you there at 6:00pm! For more info and to register, please visit www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut
  7. **38 DAYS TO GO** Time to start planning the nitty gritty stuff for your trip to Wellington, NSW for Red Bull Branched Out. Be sure to: ✅ Register to confirm your spot ✅ Rope in (pun intended!) a few mates to come along ✅ Decide on where to stay and book accommodation ✅ Get all your gear ready to go. ✅ Pack some camping chairs and other creature comforts ✅ Train & practice hard for the big day! Are you ready to go?? Find more info and register here: www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut
  8. Don't forget! The SRT Head to Head Challenge under lights will run again at Red Bull Branched Out this year in Wellington, NSW. This is a great spectator event where two climbers are pitted against each other to climb up the fastest using only one rope! Some of these climbers make it look too easy! Have you registered yet? It's capped at 100 registrations only so register now to confirm your spot! www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut
  9. Red Bull Branched Out 2017 #1 Champion Sam Hardingham's winning time was 2 minutes and 57 seconds! Registrations are filling up for Red Bull Branched Out this year in Wellington, NSW. Get in quick www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut
  10. *55 DAYS TO GO* For Red Bull Branched Out 2018 in Wellington, NSW! Are you training for it yet? Are you ready to be #1? Climber registrations are capped at 100 so make sure to register now to avoid disappointment! www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut
  11. PLAN AROUND YOUR RED BULL BRANCHED OUT ADVENTURE! Our first USA competitor has now registered, along with competitors coming from the UK, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. Let's make your trip down to Wellington, NSW one to remember! With spectacular caves, colonial heritage, tranquil gardens and a beautiful lake, Wellington is perfect for explorers and adventurers of all ages. Check out the attractions, places to eat, upcoming events and accommodation options at www.visitwellington.com.au Entries are filling fast so get in quick to avoid disappointment, it's going to be a huge event!!! Don't miss out on the chance to take home part of the $20,000 cash and $50,000 worth of prizes and kit. Register now: www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut
  12. With competitors coming in from Germany, England, New Zealand and Australia, Red Bull Branched Out is set to be another international spectacle that will turn heads! Don't miss your chance to grab some cash and prizes valued at AUD$70,000 in the richest tree climbing event in the world! Be down under on the 20th, 21st & 22nd September 2018 in Wellington, NSW. Register now: http://www.redbull.com.au/branchedout Photo by Brett Hemmings/Red Bull Australia
  13. *****REGISTRATIONS OPEN NOW***** PRESS RELEASE: RED BULL BRANCHED OUT RETURNS IN 2018. NEW LOCATION WELLINGTON, NSW After a successful debut event in Balranald, NSW, Red Bull Branched Out is returning in 2018. In partnership with Arboriculture Australia and Wellington, NSW, this 3 day speed tree climbing event will bring together 100 of the country’s best tree climbers to battle it out in a race through the canopy of some of Australia’s largest trees. The unique skill based format challenges tree climbers to hit several targets in the 40 meter high tree canopy, starting at the top and swinging from fixed ropes descending down to the ground. In the end, there will only be one climber crowned the 2018 Red Bull Branched Out champion. Location: Pioneer Park, Wellington, NSW Time: 20th to 21st September, 2018 Prize pool: AU$20,000 cash. Plus AU$50,000 in prizes from our partners. Tickets: $250 each, maximum 100 climbers. Open male and female divisions. To sign up and find out more information, head to www.redbull.com.au/BranchedOut Follow all the action at the Facebook Event Page. For further information or assets, please contact: Olivia Yacoub Red Bull Australia 0488 77 33 84 olivia.yacoub@redbull.com About Red Bull Branched Out Red Bull Branched Out is a speed-tree climbing event which brings together 100 of the country’s best tree climbers to Wellington, NSW, taking place from 20th to 22nd September, 2018. The experienced tree-climbers will compete in a race to the top of some of Australia’s largest trees, the perfect setting for this exhilarating event. Targets will be set in a large tree canopy where the climbers will use rope to race through the canopy in a timed progressive event format. There will only be one climber crowned the 2018 Red Bull Branched Out champion. Partners: Arboriculture Australia / Wellington NSW / Active Tree Services / Honey Brothers / Teufelberger / Husqvarna/ Pfanner Protos Integral
  14. Arboriculture Australia and Red Bull Australia are pleased to announce that the town of Wellington, NSW will be hosting the 2018 Red Bull Branched Out event! Lock away the dates of 20th, 21st and 22nd September 2018! Registrations for the Red Bull Branched Out will open in about 2 weeks. More information coming soon!
  15. Big welcome to Husqvarna as a major sponsor for the 2018 Red Bull Branched Out event. In addition to sponsorship cash, Husqvarna have put up $10,000 worth of equipment for prizes!!! Pictured below is Grant Cody conducting the aerial inspection of the Red Bull Branched Out main event tree, a 30-metre Eucalyptus Camaldulensis. Location will be announced VERY SOON! The trees are good to go!
  16. Reserve the date for the richest tree climbing event in the world, the 2018 Red Bull Branched Out will be held on 20th-22nd September 2018. If you thought last year's venue was in a remote part of Australia, wait until you see where we are taking you this year!!!!! Entries will open in May 2018 so have your personal bio, passport type photo, credit/debit card ready for when you register. Keep your eyes peeled on our website (www.arboriculture.org.au) or Facebook page for upcoming updates (www.facebook.com/arboricultureaustralia)
  17. Hi guys, thanks for the interest! Please do follow our Facebook page, as we have live streamed videos and photos from the event! https://www.facebook.com/arboricultureaustralia/
  18. Check out the new TV commercial by Balranald Shire Council promoting Red Bull Branched Out and Balranald's 5 Rivers Outback Festival! Registered climbers get entries to both events -- exciting times ahead!! Remember that registrations close THIS FRIDAY 29th September! Sign up now via https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out #RedBull #RedBullBranchedOut #Arboriculture #ArboricultureAustralia #Balranald #NewSouthWales#NSW #DiscoverBalranald #treeclimber #treeclimbing
  19. An oldie but a goodie! This was a test run in Canberra for Red Bull Branched Out a few months ago and look at Sam Hardingham go in the final round! Climbers, if you have been craving a major freestyle tree climbing comp, this is your chance to shine! This is nothing like the traditional style -- there's very little rules. You just need to get in and out of the set circuit in the fastest way possible! Are you up for the challenge? There are climbers currently registered from the US, UK, NZ and Aus. It's an international event that will be showcased on RedBull.TV so get your game face on! Registrations close on 29th September and capped at 100 climbers so get in quick at https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out #RedBull #RedBullBranchedOut #Arboriculture #ArboricultureAustralia#Balranald #NewSouthWales #NSW #DiscoverBalranald #treeclimber #treeclimbing
  20. Check this out! Some fantastic drone footage of one of the Red Bull Branched Out competition trees for the Friday Preliminary Rounds & SRT Head to Head night event under lights, as well as the Saturday Finals tree in Balranald, New South Wales, Australia, which is situation on the banks of the majestic Murrumbidgee River. Registrations close on 29th September so if you're thinking of competing, be sure to get in quick! https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out #RedBull #RedBullBranchedOut #Arboriculture #ArboricultureAustralia #Balranald #NewSouthWales #NSW #DiscoverBalranald #treeclimber #treeclimbing
  21. Watch Grant Cody and Ged Reynolds swing through the Red Bull Branched Out competition tree as they conduct prep work after ecological assessments were completed. This is a great opportunity for the competition climbers to get a good look at the sheer scale of this massive River Red Gum in Balranald, New South Wales, Australia. If you haven't registered to climb yet, make sure you get in soon at https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out #RedBull #RedBullBranchedOut #Arboriculture #ArboricultureAustralia #Balranald #NewSouthWales#NSW #DiscoverBalranald #treeclimber #treeclimbing Music: www.bensound.com
  22. Balranald Pizza & Takeaway is one of the many great places in Balranald, New South Wales, Australia to get a feed! Located on the main strip of Market Street, it's hard to miss and will surely satisfy many hungry Red Bull Branched Out climber stomachs! More videos of Balaranald & the competition tree coming up! Register to climb now at https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out #RedBull #RedBullBranchedOut #Arboriculture #ArboricultureAustralia #Balranald #NewSouthWales#NSW #DiscoverBalranald #treeclimber #treeclimbing Balranald_Pizza.mp4
  23. In additional to the $12,500.00 cash already up for grabs at the Red Bull Branched Out Event, our fantastic industry partners Honey Bros and Teufelberger have donated MORE equipment for prizes on top of the cash already given. This outstanding list of equipment will be allocated to the winners and place getters of the Red Bull Branched Out Event. 6 x Tree Motion Harness 5 x Rigging Block DNM 2 x Distel Aluminum Spur 2 x ICD4 Rescue Descender 4 x ART Spider Jack 3 4 x Petzel Zig Zag 6 x Teufelberger Tachion Climbing Rope spliced 45 metres 4 x Buckingham Porta Wrap This equipment now pushes the value of cash and prizes to around $20,000.00, making this the highest-valued event for our industry in the world. Get onto www.honeybros.com and check out the massive range of tree equipment and at the best prices. Remember, support the suppliers who support our industry. A big thank you to Honey Bros and Teufelberger from everyone at Arboriculture Australia Ltd, your support is just fantastic. Climbers if you have not entered yet, get online at https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out for a chance to win some of these great prizes and some casssssssssh!


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