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Old 18-04-12   #1 (permalink)
Senior Member, Raffle sponsor 2009
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The Mafia?

This might sound like sour grapes and probably annoy a lot of you out there, but i have had a gut full of the way the arb association and their affiliates are trying to force the smaller companies out of the industry.
I looked at a job a few weeks ago for a land owner looking to thin out a small plantation of ash and oak, leaving the better specimens in place. He was told by the relevant council department that this would not be possible unless he used a 'legitimate arborist', and then proceeded to point him in the direction of a much larger local company that happen to be arb association approved. This stinks of nepotism to me! This is the 5th time in the last few months that this kind of thing has happened, and not just to me, to a few other guys I know.
I understand that local authorities are going to use arb association contractors for their own works, but to refuse consent for private works on the grounds of non arb association approval seems wrong to me.
I would love to be able to join and get in on the act, but cannot afford the fees involved, even at their new, reduced rate.
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Re: The Mafia?

If your LA are imposing conditions on applications which fall outside the extent of their authority you should take it up with your MP. Quite often LA staff don't really know what they're doing, nor where their powers or responsibilities end, so will make recommendations or impose restrictions in good faith which actually they are not entitled to do. If you can't get any sense out of the appropriate department, write to your MP.
If [when!] I'm complaining about yet another LA travesty I email and CC my MP anyway.
And the newsdesk at the local paper...!

But then I have become a bit of a moaning old git... next on my agenda for a case of 'WTF?!?!' is the letter back from school with a permission slip which had to be signed so that my 6 year old could wear his goggles for swimming. They actually sent us instructions on how to wear swimming googles FFS.....!

So don't be surprised if LA's genuinely believe it's law to be AA members..... they can be MONUMENTALLY half soaked....!
Not much happening here...!
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I may be wrong, but I don't think a council can refuse consent unless the client uses an arb approved company. If permissions, where necessary eg tpo, are granted then anyone can do the work. So long as it is to 3998 standards as requested on all consent letters.
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Senior Member, Raffle Sponsor 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
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Join Date: Apr 2010
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Re: The Mafia?

I can kind of see where your coming from when the likes of watchdog etc say 'only use AAC', can be frustrating. Personally as a very small fish in the arb pond i would love to see some sort of AA rating for just the quality of your arboriculture,not what sort of businessman you are,i know its probably unrealistic,but would give freelancers/one man bands a boost.
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Senior Member, Raffle Sponsor 2009, User formerly known as martyn1
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Re: The Mafia?

Peter. I do agree that it costs a lot to be member of all these assocations. But if it needs to be done for you to win contracts then so be it. I am sure if you are quoting local authoity work then you can add divide your expensies and just factor this in as expense?
'only dead fish swim with the stream'
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Senior Member
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Join Date: Mar 2012
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Re: The Mafia?

As WorcsWuss says - must be illegal for them to make it a condition - its out of their authority. Ive know AA approved firms that as a company are worse in general than the next tree contractor.

Its a great thing to be a part of and its good for contractors to aspire to (if they so wish) but it shouldn't cost other contractors work on the basis that the LA said so.

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Old 18-04-12   #7 (permalink)
Senior Member
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Location: Highland Scotland
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Re: The Mafia?

Why not put a Freedom of Information request into the LA asking how many consents have been granted in last two years for both arb association approved,and non arb association approved contractors ? Then publish results here and discuss with local MP.
Trust me it works
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Old 18-04-12   #8 (permalink)
Senior Member, Raffle sponsor 2009, 2010
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Cheltenham
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Re: The Mafia?

They cant turn down an application for works based on the company doing the work, thats not possible, the application can be made by anyone, its for the tree work, not for the applicant.

So, an AA company could make out the application and once its given the landowner could tell them to cancel the job and then get the local guy in to do it using the same permission granted.

This can work the otherway round aswell of course. LA's tend to use the AAAC list as a possible source of good arbrorist, simply becasue there insurance will not allow them to give other recomendations. One LA near me (I was talking to him today) is not allowed to even give out a sheet with AAAC's on it, he HAS to suggest the client goes to the AA website and looks up the list there, but even then he is not saying they HAVE to use that list, and the application for permsissions is not based on who does the work (as I have said already, sorry).

But, if the LA is implying the an AAAC should be used then its up to you to inform your (potential) client, that whilst that is a good source of legitimate companies its not the only source, other good contractors do exist, and the LA should really have said that as well.
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Senior Member, Raffle Sponsor 2011
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Re: The Mafia?

i thought there was an AAAC sticker on your truck, but its hard to see with all the mud
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Senior Member, Raffle sponsor 2009, 2010
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On my truck?
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