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  1. Jack.P

    Extreme heat

    People watching can get a bit annoying.Waited long enough the other day for some nosey ass to get out the way ,in the end they got a showering of sawdust .
  2. Jack.P

    Extreme heat

    Some nice timber in that K.could have landed it on those 2 smaller limbs .the heat not as bad this week but still sweaty work .i once cut something of a similar size ,apparently the whole house shook as it landed
  3. With this staffing lark, suspect it’s just an attempt to lure them in for a chat ,but then it won’t be as glamorous as they hoped or ever will be ,such is life .J
  4. I tried a few honda ones are thought they were a bit overrated but still usually ok.had 3 husqvarnas with Briggs and Stratton engines .currently running an LC253s (cost about 400 ish) . I believe it is the best mower in that price range .
  5. Jack.P

    Extreme heat

    It got to about 32 here today .seems crazy the amount of water to bring to jobs ,I was in full sun all day and started feeling a bit nauseous towards the end of the day.hopefully the heat will be dropping off towards the end of the week .
  6. Jack.P

    Extreme heat

    Some interesting points made about over hydration , I guess that can be possible in some cases .one of the days after drinking bucket loads still hardly pissed anything and when I did that was dark yellow which usually means dehydration . I guess most of the water is just lost in sweating. Kriss i get the pressure thing in the brain sometimes with migraines,vomiting usually gives relief but not much is known about this yet .i think of it now though as just a state of mind though which anyone can learn to overcome
  7. Only interested Was the saw running .
  8. Jack.P

    Extreme heat

    Anyone else find that with sun lotion everything sticks to you and you end up looking camouflaged and then some of it washes away with sweat.yesterday drank 6L on the job and still had a headache , and Even a factor 50 didn’t fully protect .i can’t stand this heat
  9. I went for an interview once for a similar job .It wasn’t until it was further discussed that I realised how much of a joke it was .(the pay and there high expectations lol) I suspect all the young men there which were working for peanuts only wanted all there tickets paid for then and arborists mentioned in cvs then most would be leaving after 6 months .more money stacking shelf’s in the warm and dry
  10. If these are just the common Laurel then once trimmed they will only grow back quicker anyway .but if they are more mature /woody and cut back to bare wood then the new regrowth shoots would form the hedge so would probably end up a few ft higher .i cut one back hard about 2 months ago and been back again to trim it today so they can grow like weeds and usually hard to keep them the same height without constant maintenance
  11. I sold 4 bikes over lockdown which were bought as projects.mostly classics Recently I’ve seen a cheap 200hp outboard and thinking of attempting at trying to put that in a bike .probably a stupid idea but think of the power
  12. anyone else agree it’s likely a setup, it’s a business not a sport. Results fairly predictable.the world is a corrupt place at times however very few will realise
  13. That is the thing with working on others peoples land .where I’m clearing there are some large flints just randomly lying about .im sure a flail wouldn’t like that and maybe could hit cars and windows .i guess though if it’s unknown what your dealing with then you could cut down say about 30 cm above ground then look over the area first for metal etc
  14. This is the job that keeps giving! I bought the hex key now and done all the obvious stuff ,if I keep spraying the air intake it seems to run better so could try Changing the filter .its amazing aswell how all the brush just disappeared into nothing.
  15. Strimming non stop all week is hard work and probably a bit pointless .I will be glad when it’s done .it is really a flail cutter job but the client claimed they couldn’t find anyone .I’m not sure how well they would work in very matted grass


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