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  1. BUMP🤔 so what was the outcome with this🤔 I run one and just wondered if there’s any improvements that could be made.
  2. That looks very nice👍. As the cab suffered from the rust worm or was it solid before painting. I have an old Ag spec U900 which I intend to rebuild one day🤔
  3. So the client called the pest control and you stirred them up and dispersed them into the general area before they arrived🤔. Bet they were right chuffed with that🙄
  4. Yes councils can be good place for contributing towards your training but these are looking for someone that’s trained and the rate they’re paying is only just over minimum pay as far as I can calculate it🤔. But I might be wrong of course🤓.
  5. “Chainsaw operator” required🤔. After 4 pages of nil response- not for a tenner an hour anyway I bet he’s glad he asked🤓. Don’t think there would of been as many posts if he had offered £600 a day😳. £600 a day😳, what type of people are paying that up there? The reputation that the Scottish are tight is totally without merit🤔
  6. Making up a sandwich layer is exactly the way to go. Line your sheds and containers like this as well. Multiple layers such as mesh, steel sheet, rockwool, fibre cement sheet, plywood in fact the more the better. If you can have some air gaps and inner layers loose so they move about it will make it harder to cut🤔. Any internal secondary cages should be solid on the outside and not mesh so that casual observers such as the postman, delivery drivers, necky scrap collectors can’t see whats inside if you’ve got the outside door open when you’ve dropped your guard. I know most of us do it for speed of loading/ unloading, maintenance and accounting for kit but having all your kit neatly layed out on shelves doesn’t help our cause either as they can see exactly what you’ve got and just go for the expensive stuff! Newish 880 or old Stihl Farm Boss🤔 - it won’t be the old one that still there in the morning. My main daily use saws are the 261, 442 and 150 and 261. The spare 261 and 150, 362, 660 and 880 are well hidden and a pain in the arse to dig out for loading. If it’s a pain for me then it’s a pain for the tea leaves. Any good physical security is a pain for us. back up any hard wired alarms with cheap wireless baby/ garden shed type alarms. just my thought on “guard” dogs - I would not expose any dog of mine (and looking at the dogs on this thread I doubt if you would) to the chance of being poisoned/ injured/ killed as she is more valuable to me than all my saws - I can replace my saws🤔, in fact between you and me my dog is more valuable to me than the wife😳. 5 mins of her giving them ear ache they’d soon bring her back and probably apologise😳. Lots of good ideas on this thread and others in other threads.
  7. Exactly as Daltontrees says👍. This wall was unlikely to of been built that far out of plumb. As a rule of thumb if a wall is a third of its width out of vertical(or more) it should be considered potentially dangerous even without the cracks and dislodged walling stones? and should be surveyed and the fault rectified. It will have to be dismantled down to sound walling and rebuilt. The soil behind would have to be cut back as obviously work space is required. Without knowing the wall thickness but taking a guess 🤔 it’s probably a combination of insufficient thickness, poor mortar, overloading of fill behind the wall and the tree🤭 A substantial RC wall with a facing would have to be probably thicker than existing and with little room to encroach onto what looks like a public pavement the tree will probably have to go😢. The tree won’t continue to flourish without the wall! As openspace says - if that wall fails the Heras fencing won’t stop Jack😳 Whoever has put this in place thinking it solves the problem is plain and simply wrong. Just a logical thought process as to what would happen if: (risk assessment )🤔would tell you that If the wall was to fail somebody could get seriously injured or worse! What if it was your children, grandchildren walking past? The council cannot refuse the tree removal once the run away train comes down the hill in their direction with the risk to the public safety down to them 😳.
  8. Some of those registered will be out to dob you in to the authorities😳. It was a few of the big producers who lobbied government in the first place in an attempt to monopolise the industry🤔. You didn’t think the government come up with this idea all on their own did you🤔.
  9. You won’t get a freely given apology off these characters🤔. With some of these organisations they start out with good intentions and it evolves into something where their own egos become more important than what they’re trying to protect. They become a secret society and think they can do what they want and are answerable to no one🤔
  10. I have to keep going back to the original post because I keep thinking it’s jumping posts🤔started with hiring staff and it’s evolved to price of lumber, rugby, warranty on a chipper, New Zealand, Berkshire( Berkshire - now we’re getting desperate🙄) micro loaders. Permission to post on Olympic Equestrian Dressage and how I’m looking forward to it😳.
  11. The Cat can smell of eggs when still in good order, what’s your daily mileage like? May be just wants a good run out. Exhaust exits at the rear of vehicle doesn’t it? with air intake somewhere up the front so I doubt exhaust fumes are coming in through the air intake 🤔- unless your reversing everywhere cos you can’t find a forward gear😳. Have you got a pollen filter? They should be changed at least annually, also I believe some manufacturer main dealers clean out the air intake side with a anti-bacterial spray. Start with the cheaper solutions before changing cat because as you say they’re stupid prices.
  12. Someone’s made a freedom of information request to Gloucestershire Constabulary about the original post, good on him. They’ve got 21 days to reply but could take longer because COVID as given them the excuse to take their time and treat the public with utter contempt 🤔.Will be interesting to see what tosh they come back with. Read Restorative justice on the Gloucester Constabulary web site🙄. Another load of cotton wool, kid gloves, hug a hoody bull😫. Wonder how many extra civilians they’ve taken on to administer that department🤔
  13. I would not trust any raptor group😳. What better way to find out where and with what protection the Goshawks/ falcons are etc by infiltrating a volunteer group. If anti’s can infiltrate hunt groups, coppers infiltrate anti’s then I’m sure a crook selling young can infiltrate a raptor group🤔. The bloke in the picture looks like he may have flip line. They’re not out walking that’s for sure. They’re defiantly going equipped to do something. Cracking photo’s, good camera positioning, pass the info to the local police, just make sure it’s not the wildlife crimes officer as they will only call them in for a voluntary interview and give them Restorative Justice with a £100 fine🤔
  14. Always great to see horses working but I would of thought extracting up hill on a 1:1 is a non starter and downhill stopping the timber overtaking the horse much the same. If the OP is just extracting enough wood for his own use and is obviously happy felling, snedding and converting wind blown/ dead/ dying timber across the site then consider getting someone in for a day with a decent winch setup to extract what’s on the ground. Speak to them first and agree in what form the trees are left in because they’d be better winched out in pole form to a landing. I would generally winch uphill on steep ground to maintain control. Many moons ago when working for my father particularly with chestnut on steep ground the bigger poles were converted where they fell and put on a sledge and winched out or if really steep ground the whole pole was converted and thrown/ rolled downhill by hand😳, ball aching but character building stuff apparently🤔. Machines, kit and techniques have moved on but the basics are there to fall back on.


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