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  1. Hi I bought the 37T model about 2 year ago and have had no trouble at all. Ok some of the welding is not pretty but it's done what it needed to do and never failed to split what's in front of it. I went for the bigger model as it gets used on a lot of knotty arb waste rather than just nice clean softwood. Saying that with hindsight the 22T would probably have done fine. Only mods I've done are to weld on a log deck either side to hold a few pieces ready to split. I think this is now on the new machines ??. The ability to switch to vertical is handy too.
  2. Johnsond

    Woodlands 130 loading options

    120x60x5mm from Grampian steel in oldmeldrum. Reasonably priced and they deliver. Yeah that was one of options other suggested by a mate with a good lathe is to make up new male sections for the bolt on plates with an extra offset. Lost the light today so will have a good look tomorrow and hopefully come up with a plan.
  3. Johnsond

    Woodlands 130 loading options

    Hit first snag about 2 mins after that pic was taken Andy, there's a bit of play in the legs where they slide onto the male on the mounting plate and if leg is leaning in the bottom of the mill is fouling on the top of the leg mechanism. Had to walk away for 5 mins bud pretty pissed off but hey ho a solution will have to be found. Shame as there was some smallish DF lying around that I was planning on trying everything out on.
  4. Johnsond

    Woodlands 130 loading options

    Bit of progress with trailer/mill set up, got the mill lifted on and all the rails levelled in relation to chassis and trued up. 6 legs worked well and will easily level up the trailer. Shit day like sun one minute hailstones the next.
  5. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Cheers J ill possibly give him a shout tomorrow.
  6. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Looks good. Rather than the wood I was wondering if you could put up a few images of the log loader set up. Second pic showed the top hyd ram mount and pivot point very well. I'm looking at making or buying a set up, be good to see one in detail empty and at different positions during its operation. Cheers
  7. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Working to those dimensions Andy, hopefully if weather is ok tomorrow I'll do some measuring up etc and see where I'm at. The drawings might be of use depending on what route you go with your own trailer set up.
  8. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    UXO job off Belgian coast mobbing in ijmuiden once done vessel will be remobbed for a chain swap on the Alba fsu for chevron. Looking like things will be pretty busy Andy so yeah it may well pay to just buy it otherwise I may find myself in the the same situation I'm at now in sept/oct with 25t of DF to convert to beams etc and no time to do it.
  9. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Ratman/Andy yeah it's always good to build something that's bespoke to suit what you want. Time is the problem at the moment and the weather is not helping lately. I'm staring down the barrel of a 6-8 week trip away shortly so will be trying to get it to a point where I'm happy to leave it for a while. If the build costs get to within a certain point of the buy costs I'll probs just buy and adapt that to fit. time to do some maths I think
  10. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Currently swithering on wether to make my own or buy the log loader from Trakmet ready made J got a quote from Pawel whom I'm sure you know. They look to have some good kit and my experience with polish welders would lead me to expect a robust bit of kit. That Brexit forum has done for me J I'm just about ready to sack it in as a few others have done.
  11. Johnsond

    Norwood poss scam ??

    Hi all Norwood sawmill on eBay at moment supposedly in Londonderry?? pretty sure I've seen it before at different locations with same pics. If it's genuine and your on here apologies. no feedback no description etc etc
  12. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Makes me chuckle every time I see your jeep in the pics. It's certainly being used and nothing like the fleets of pampered 4x4s up here in aberdeeen lol
  13. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    No J I'm afraid I have to take the hit for that one, it was buried under a pile of other stuff that we were ringing up for firewood. End of day tired and in a hurry trying to get the piece I wanted uncovered just ended up pushing the bar into it whilst cutting one next to it. To be honest it's only a plunge type cut so not right through all the same a tad disappointing I must admit. But you are right so much decent material just gets wasted. The piece sitting vertically in the trailer is earnaked for a coffee van bar top so I'll be losing the damaged edge.
  14. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Yeah Andy waste off local tree guy, bit of work to get it hone etc but better than seeing it chipped or burnt ๐Ÿ‘
  15. Johnsond

    Today's milling

    Those are beautiful pieces of timber ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Got fed up today watching the Westminster farce and messed about a bit outside to take mind of all that crap. Nothing in comparison to that awesome stuff in pics above but it gave me something to stare at for a while. Mother Nature eh ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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