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  1. I used to get custom made offset sprockets for a crf 250 engined quad that KIK Honda at clithero built I’m pretty sure it was Talon engineering that supplied them.
  2. Johnsond

    Big birch

    Had a few pieces recently, only milled it to see how it would turn out, pleased I did in the end and had no trouble shifting the boards and planks that came from it.
  3. 'Worst cold ever' spreading across UK as many 'can't shift' sickness bug APPLE.NEWS People across the UK have reported a draining illness described by many as the worst... Well let’s see where this goes. Hiding away in lockdown a cause ??🤷‍♂️ or vaccination for only one form of covid virus.
  4. The utter lunacy of this policy and the nightingale farce resulting in huge waste of taxpayers money just seems to be acceptable. The article and info is in a number of papers. I’m no fan of tbe Guardian it’s just it was easy to post a link on an I phone 🤷‍♂️
  5. Do a bit of research and check out how many private beds and hospitals were block booked and the utter waste involved. The article refers specifically to covid patients. Abandon or not the financial incompetence is staggering. Particularly when you look at where we are now in reality.
  6. Worth a read but at the same time the financial naivety and incompetence “or is it ??” Is staggering. Seems like covid is the cash cow that just won’t stop giving.
  7. Union (RMT) of which I’ve been a member for many years turned out to be not worth tuppence Mark, far more concerned with hard left London train driving issues bud. I often nowadays think of cancelling my subs 🤷‍♂️It’s only the historic allegiance ie NUM which all my family were in that keeps me paying it. Things are nearly at the point of conclusion now in reality. End of this month I should get a final decision on what we both agree is the balance due. Accountancy fees of 8-10k over the 3 years plus a six figure “up to now hit”and the stress that goes with it 🤷‍♂️. It has certainly made me more tax savvy that’s for sure and going fwd I’ll never work the amount of days I did in the past and sacrifice the time with family to pay the subsequent tax bills. The net result is the Hmrc will most definitely get less from me and a good few of the other 47 than they previously did. Ironically the inspector on my case pretty much stated if it had been now with the current workload Hmrc have and the hassle vs reward to basically move some tax from the ltd side of revenue to self assessment side, the case would probably never have been taken against us as they are backs to the wall with all the known post covid furlough, bounce back, grants fraud issues etc. Anyway stop posting leftist propaganda 👍
  8. Johnsond


    👍 good luck to you if you can get it bud.
  9. Johnsond


    That’s some screw in reality Andy 🤢
  10. Mark constantly beats the Tory bad labour good left wing socialist worker shite but likes to keep his tax bills down like everyone else in reality. That’s the jist of the labour socialist comment Eggs 🤷‍♂️ They are all the same as far as I’m concerned, everyone of them has tried to outdo each other with covid restrictions shite and spending promises that have yet to be paid for. Tory, Labour or Liberal they all line their pockets once done, The family Blair probs the most successful at it in recent times I’d say.
  11. No Mark I don’t bud but you preach the labour socialist worker sermon and have plenty to say on the subject yet a while back boasted how your accountant gets you down to virtually paying nothing !!. IR 35 should not concern you surely !!. I and 47 others who had to go through either an agency or an umbrella company ( common practice offshore ) ran like this for 5 years during that period we were assured multiple times verbally and via e mail etc that we were IR35 compliant and sched D offshore tax status was irrelevant, that we had no rights to be employees and therefore not entitled to holiday pay,pensions, sick pay or paternity leave etc. Once again all of the above is and has been common practice for years in many industries. Out of nowhere we were told nope you all should have been on the books regardless of the ad hoc nature of the job or the fact we had no say in the way we were paid. It was a take it or leave it deal, work through agency or not at all. Briefly the battle over the past 3 years has been to prove we had no choice and financial gains were made by the agency and the company. That has been acknowledged by hmrc but at the end of the day they still want the difference between how we were paid as contractors and how they see it as we should have been paid ie employees even though we have received zero benefits as such. It would take me all night to log it all down but in a nutshell they have had every penny I’ve made offshore for the past 2 years whilst trying to catch up and pay tax on the earnings I’m using to pay off what they say is due. I’ve lived off savings and income from other work, milling etc through my ltd company. Last trip I did was 8 weeks on 6-6 nights bud plus an hr either side for hand overs so basically 14hr days 7 days a week and every penny was passed to revenue, so forgive me if I don’t buy into the labour good Tory bad socialist shite. Don’t forget bud where I’m from eh, starting off in lynemouth post miners strike is not being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
  12. You mean “not the one” I take it ??
  13. Take it that’s not you they are referring too Mark 😜
  14. Agreed, it’s like Andy says the squeeze on those whom are trying to get on is getting disproportionately worse and worse. The Rich as we are called up here if you earn over£43k have to pay 41% plus NI so basically half your income. Bottom and Top seem to be ok but those i the middle 🤷‍♂️. I’m working with guys whom have said **************** it this year and just will not take any more trips offshore rather than work for half pay. You wouldn’t mind half as much if it tax take was not spunked in such a reckless stupid manner half the time.


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