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  1. Free tip for logs and clean chip. A small fee is charged for green waste and stumps. Collection service with roll on off skips is available.
  2. I looked at getting something like this made up for my skid steer for the same task. Simple but effective!!
  3. Charleton chips is up your way. Hopefully he isn’t too far from you.
  4. IVECO are renowned for being slightly heavier than others but also the ones I have driven have steel bodies with a full width locker in the front loaded with saws and other kit.
  5. John do you have any trouble with it moving around in the grab? I bet it’s really handy with the rotate on the grab [emoji108][emoji106] Chris
  6. It all depends what body you have on it as the arb body Iveco’s I’ve driven are just under 5.5ton over the bridge empty but with kit in. So only leaving a 2 ton payload. If you have the right license I’d opt for a 10 or 12 tonner as you would also be legal with a full load of chip. Hope this helps Chris.
  7. That’s correct or if they can load straight away I’m happy to wait until it’s loaded it all depends what works and what’s cost efficient for them. I haven’t advertised as I only really offer the service to the regular lads that use my yard as a tip site and existing customers of my site clearance and biomass business.
  8. I’m happy to leave a bin for a couple of days. I’ve got a couple of separate customers that are planning on buying their own bins that can slot into my system so that they have always got a bin and I don’t have to outlay the costs of several bins. As for the charge yes the clock starts when I leave my yard and it stops when I return.
  9. Forgot to add. No we don’t take green waste. I used to let a couple of lads tip green and fence panels on the fire pile for a small fee. I had to put a stop to this though as others who hadn’t asked took it upon themselves to tip when I wasn’t around and not pay and within a couple of weeks I had a monster fire which was difficult to burn safely. We have toyed with the idea of getting a shredder and advertising as a tip site but went off the idea as you can’t regulate who comes onto your property.
  10. We provide a free tip for logs and chip to local and trusted lads that we know or have been referred to us by someone we know. With the bin collection I just charge by the hour for my time to drop and collect the bin.
  11. I use a 40yd bin. At the minute I only have the one and a plant body for moving my machines around. But if we need more than one to run on rotation I’ve got a mate that is local who has usually got a couple sat in the yard doing nothing. The one chap I collect from gets his mate in to load it with his avant. Took us about an hour to load through the back door.
  12. Hi we offer large scale chipping and we’re not too far away. Give me a call on 07816 861333 and hopefully I can help you out. Chris
  13. I have a similar setup to you albeit on a smaller scale. It’s also something we are starting to offer as we have not long bought a six wheel hook loader and we offer a free tip for chip and logs to local lads. I have just been charging for my time in the truck to deliver and collect the bin. Hope this helps. Chris
  14. Hi you could try Steve walker transport. Although they are based in Studley in Warwickshire they work nationwide and have a fleet of walking floors. We have used them in the past to send logs all over the uk. Their prices are pretty reasonable too. Hope this is of help to you.
  15. Give Clements plant hire in Coventry they should be able to help you. If not cv hire have a range of machines Upto 3 ton. Clements have all sorts up to 8 tons. Hope this helps


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