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  1. One of the people on my chainsaw in a tree course around 5 years ago failed because the instructor told us we needed to be climbing on two ropes plus lanyard. As none of us had two separate ropes we used the tail of our main line which was deemed fine, but as we hadn’t been taught this through the few days training, this one guy chose not to do it so as soon as he turned his saw on, he was asked to leave the tree as he had failed. Plus when we did aerial rescue a few months previous, that was all done with two main lines and pussics (bad days!). Sure this wasn’t college but a separate training provider...
  2. Frod

    Instant hedging

    Similar to you, my client is in her 60s and wanted the hedge to be 'fully grown' now rather than wait 15 years to achieve the same results. Thats why I had thought about the container/trough grown instant hedge but for the quantity, your looking at 3 times the price hence looking at alternatives! I won't be planting until November at the earliest so bare root seems like a good option and if hornbeam isn't adverse to an annual flailing at the start of the year, it could be a winner. Planting up some 120-150 stems at 4 per meter should give a pretty good screen come next summer.
  3. At the start of the year I removed approx. 55m of conifer hedge for a customer and now they have come back to me wanting me to source and plant a new hedge to surround their garden. They are wanting something around the 1m height mark - I was thinking along the lines of Beech, Laurel or mixed native but is there anything else I might have missed? For ease I had looked at the trough grown plants but then potted plants are cheaper - if I use the mini excavator to dig a trench, planting either is fine. How well would a Beech hedge react to being trimmed with a tractor flail as I can imagine thats how one side will be maintained over time? I've been in discussions with my local nursery about it and although they have been useful, more advise is always good. They have given me a couple of contacts to get plants from but does anyone else have any good recommendations for buying this no. of bulk plants?
  4. Frod

    Hill Farm House

    Call before hand for directions/instructions, will take most timber, hard or soft.
  5. Cheers for the replys guys, the lack of reviews wasn’t unsurprising, but the fact I haven’t found anyone with any experience of the Henley stoves either here or other stove retailers, it doesn’t inspire confidence! I think I will go with the Stratford, from what I’ve read it should last and definitely pay for itself in the long term.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the Henley Druid boiler stove? We are looking to install a new boiler stove for our old farmhouse and this has popped up in our searches. Previously I was angling in on fitting an Aarrow Stratford (Arada Ecoboiler 25kw) but seeing as how the Henley Druid 30kw is the best part of £800 cheaper and claims to be more efficient, I was wondering if anyone had any comments on this particular stove?
  7. Cheers for that, they've given me some useful prices to work with.
  8. Evening all Does anyone in the Coventry/Rugby/Banbury area have a mini excavator, either 1.5t or 3t would probably do the job fine. Either with or without an operator, no more than a day or two, just looking for an idea of price for a job some time first quarter of 2018. Cheers
  9. I had one of the first few M250s Dean at Global delivered and in the last 9 months or so it has served me pretty well. It only comes out 3 or 4 times a month as and when I have my own jobs on but it works well when required. It has its limitations, it'll only happily chip about 3 inches but if you're careful you can push those limits to a certain extent. You also can't just stuff the shoot full of hedge clippings and force them through, but at the same time, if you do get things blocked up it isn't hard to open the machine and get everything running again. It's light and easy to man handle, I can load it onto my trailer easily enough on my own up ramps and it will push along on rough ground without issues but I did make a tow hitch for it so it can be towed around my field when required. That saves a lot of effort but it's definitely not for the road or for any sort of speed! The engine is good, though where JB have saved money is probably the drum bearings perhaps (nothing has gone wrong but they aren't the best I've ever seen) and also you do have to keep an eye on all the bolts as they have a tendency to work loose every time the machine is used. Nothing too bad but just worth checking things are tight when you use it! If I was to be picky, the chute is a bit on the low side and it doesn't through the chip as far as some other wee chippers but chipping either onto the floor or into a bin, neither are too bad and when chipping into a trailer, you can manage ok. The other main downside is it is slow, you have to prep brash more rather than just putting gnarly stuff through expecting it to just chew it up. Overall it is a great machine for the price. Sure, I'd have liked getting an M400 or M500 but the M500 is over twice the price and I can't say it'd be twice the machine. If you want to make firewood out of 4" timber and then chip the small stuff, it's a fairly good bit of kit.
  10. Hi guys I'm looking for a reasonable supply of wood and looking to ask about the area as I've been let down by a couple of people already. I'm based on the south Leicestershire border with Warwickshire, I can collect from job sites (I'll cover an area from around Leamington/Kenilworth, Rugby, Coventry and over to Hinckley, Lutterworth or the surrounding areas) or you can tip off logs (and some chip) at my yard. I can also arrange a tractor/trailer to collect from your yard if you have a stack that needs moving on. If you can help me out, if you can PM me we can sort out payment (other than just cups of tea/cake etc) and see how we get on. Cheers Frod Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  11. Ian and his team are a top bunch of guys and I would totally recommend them to anyone remotely close to Staffordshire. As to approaching local arb firms, when I started out last year (at the ripe old age of 31) I just emailed a few people/companies with a brief note of who I was and what I wanted to do and went from there. You get a few mixed reactions but if you are honest and write in full sentences with proper English, you'll get a start I'm sure.
  12. Some churches have a lot of money, some don't. Some wealthy villages/town churches can afford tree work as much as anyone whereas some struggle to patch roofs or keep the grass cut. I do a reasonable amount of work for the poorer churches in my area (and yes I do know they are poor and have seen their accounts) and so help them out where possible for the community aspect. You tend to get reasonable contacts through the other parishioners anyway
  13. Yeah the running bowline attached with a short Prussik is what we were taught in our cs38 the other week as a backup to the flip line. You could use a karabiner instead of the bowline but it isn't as ideal, it is quicker and easier though!
  14. I'm looking for work for a couple of days a week, to build my experience in a professional tree surgery environment. I will happily work as a sub contractor to help out when you need an extra pair of hands for a job, or work on a much more regular basis. I have around 15 years part time experience (it has never been a career, just doing jobs as and when required) but would like to turn this into a more regular form of work. I have my CS30/31 tickets and I'm also booked in for my CS38 training next month, but have done climbing and rigging work in the past too when there has been a need for it. I have a clean driving license and also all my own PPE. I'm not someone who is straight out of arb college wanting to take on the world, but I know what a hard days work entails, what it takes to get a job done and also the value of team spirit and working together to achieve something. I'm 31 and currently living in South Leicestershire so can travel fairly well throughout the central Midlands (Warwickshire/Leicestershire/north Northamptonshire/South Derbyshire etc) If I can be of use to you, send me a pm on here. Cheers Steve


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