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  1. Would you use a roll on off lorry or use a roll on off tractor trailer type combination I’ve already got 1 or 2 40yd bins but unable to move them but if people or companies where interested I would get somewhere of moving them. ‘How would you offer the service of a roll on off bin for chip or log materail
  2. Is they an ideal vehicle or what would be the ideal vehicle for collecting wood chip from jobs or yards I keep wanting to collecting Chips from jobs for other tree companies or from they yard but don’t no what vehicle would be good to use
  3. It’s mixed species and all different lengths we used thinking about chipping it and using for biomass
  4. Hi I was wondering how much is slab wood worth or how much should we paying for bundles of slab wood because the local sawmill maybe looking for a buyer but don’t no how much we should be paying for it
  5. If your selling and producing wood chip for biomass do you have to through the big companies or can you supply straight to the power station because we produce around 25-150 tonne a week of wood chip/ shredded material and have always wonder how to deal direct with the power station. All our material is screened before been sent out we also screen Arb chip again to make its clean.
  6. Does anyone offer a service to collect log and chip from sites for other tree surgeons. If so so what do they use for collecting it. The reason I ask is because I've got a 40yd skip in my yard which is doing nothing apart from every so often getting filled with logs. So I was thinking about letting other tree surgeons use it for log and chip and empty in my yard as we recycle everything for biomass. As long as they sorted they own movement for the skip from they job and back. And a little deposit if we didn't no the person or company for the bin
  7. Do many companies offer a service to drop a roro skip for chip and log from jobs or clearing yard out. Or what else they use instead of a roro. Because been thinking about doing. But don't no if it would be worth it.
  8. What do you do with the offcuts of logs which people won't buy because the stems have to be a certain length Does anyone collect logs and Woodchip from jobs. If so what do people use for collecting them. ''And do people charge for the collection service.
  9. I was wondering does all the wood chip which is sold for biomass to companies kept in the uk or sent to another Country. And who is buying wood chip in the U.K. Apart from Jenkinsons
  10. So if you have to drop you charge they and back twice. When you first started doing it how did you advertise it
  11. See my business is green waste recycling so we get lots of people in but we share a yard with my dad so people can only get in if the Gates are open. If you had to leave the bin do you charge for that. And when you charge do you do this by charging the time you leave to time you get back.
  12. Do you charge for log and chip. And do you collect green waste
  13. Do you use my yard at the moment it would likely be a tractor and trailer type roro
  14. So does anyone think the idea may work or has anyone do a similar idea or same thing


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