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  1. Woodwanter

    Split Dilemma

    that's down to grip though, not necessarily HP. its always funny to watch when a digger pulls out something that a tractor cant!
  2. Woodwanter

    Digger mounted Blacks / Lasco cone splitter and grab

    it depends how big they are. I am splitting some small stuff - 10 inch which is a faff and needs accuracy. The best for you would be decent sticks say 300 wide which you split in half then pick up the 3= m lengths and drop straight where you want it. I managed to make a lattice of these for drying quite easily. google the cone splitter vids, you will soon see how easy or not it is!
  3. Woodwanter

    Digger mounted Blacks / Lasco cone splitter and grab

    I looked at this but was quite a bit of cash. admitidly I just want to break up bigger bits so a different job so opted for a cone splitter which can still move logs about
  4. Woodwanter

    Split Dilemma

    Mine is on a 7.5 t and works very well. You need the gear box to be fitted to something to stop it turning!
  5. Woodwanter

    Split Dilemma

    Hire a cone splitter on a 360 - would soon split that up?
  6. Woodwanter

    Sitka thinnings for logs

    Trouble is then moving the 'infected' timber X miles to do this. If some of it drops off along the way the uk forestry sector could then face another foreign caused problem. would have been better to build the station at the port!
  7. Woodwanter

    Sitka thinnings for logs

    Not suprised. The cost of chip will go up I think, supply and demand. Folk with chip boilers who got in late may find it's almost unviable to keep running them. what surprises me is how fussy some of the boilers are, need chip within a few % and consistant size with no shards.
  8. Woodwanter

    Sitka thinnings for logs

    Whilst I don't disagree , the situation is NI was different. They had no Tier 2 meaning they had no back stop and could literally burn non stop. the tier 2 here will make it un economical or break even, at best, for most systems. This alters the finance a lot the RHI was dreamed up by Chris hulmn, the disgraced mp caught up in the purgery scandal with his wife. Rumour has it he has large shares in a large N American timber firm. The uk now has many boiler hooked on high quality wood chip which I imagine will soon be supplied by imported timber once the remains British woods are felled / thinned out.
  9. Woodwanter

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Made a start on this lot today with my new toy - cone splitter - it's slow, as expected but has done the job really well. stiff left thumb tomorrow but better than stiff everything from swinging an axe!
  10. Woodwanter

    Buying a second hand RHI boiler

    In theory it can be done but I bet it will be 2 yrs before you get payments in. my adviceis don't buy if you are relying on the tarrif income soon and speak to farm energy centre about the paper work. It won't cost you huge sums just lots of waiting
  11. Woodwanter

    The science behind forced log drying

    Feel free to quote me for a years supply! That looks about the size of the east wing 😂😂
  12. Woodwanter

    How to sell more Firewood

    Out of curiosity, what would say a 25t load of mixed logs worth now? Assume 25% or below (is that too wet?) split but in various lengths?
  13. Woodwanter

    The science behind forced log drying

    100!? I meant energy in the fuel! based on around half a ton / m3 I'd imagine around 5-6000 kWh depending on boiler efficiently!
  14. Woodwanter

    The science behind forced log drying

    Have you ever worked how many kWh / cube?
  15. What tarrif and size are you on? What fuel can you burn? in theory, yes it can be done. I have never heard one being completed yet, simply down to the time it takes ofgem to sort it out. your buyer may not get any RHI for several years but there is still a value.


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