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  1. Well spotted! Paddington is not for sale at the moment, he has been with us for 15 or so years, spend may happy days on him. FW60, tweaked to give over 360 hp. Fantastic sounding exhaust note all though not appreciated when we used to work him through the night.... Back to fans - would dry logs in seconds I think!?
  2. I have left over 2 no 3 phase axial fans, 14kwh each. They came out of one of our grain stores. they still work fine and are capable of shifting a huge amount of air they don't have much value for direct agriculture but for someone making a kiln they could be excellent for those looking to do it on a budget.... If you want any more information then shout. TYIA
  3. Thanks all. the willow is about 16m tall, it’s about 30m from the house. 3 sides are fields / farm yard. no other trees or drains in the area. the soil is oxfordshire clay so loads of movement every year but especially the last few. No quarries or neighbours to worry about. my argument is tree or not we are still going to get sub soil movement. if a root barrier stops the willow from taking water right by or under the house, it will help a bit. It may still affect ground water in the wider area to some extent. not done any trial pits or anything which I think is shoddy, I don’t think it’s the roots directly but drawing moisture from close proximity is not going to help the house needs some works which they have not even discussed yet, under pinning may well be the answer but until we resolve the willow they aren’t going to take the conversation forwards.
  4. My insurance are taking ages to resolve an issue, I have a weeping willow about 20 m for a listed house which is suffering from subsidence. Their lazy answer was to fell the tree. The haven’t done any soil tests, just a few movements. We are on clay, there will be slim to no footings, it’s been two dry summers, what did they expect! I’m sure the willow is not helping things out but I don’t think felling it will fix the problem. Access is easy, id like to learn firstly what depth I need to go to help sever the link between them and secondly, what cost and what materials are needed. I possibly have the plant to assist in this, I know the quote for felling and have a bit of clout with the insurers but would welcome some costings? TYIA
  5. You don’t have to have a buffer but if you don’t your emissions will be awful and the burn will not be as clean. buffers are not expensive and also safer - if you need to dump heat quick you can
  6. Automation costs though. the beauty of f2000’s is their simplicity if if you do get one get a fabricator to weld some cross bars on the door. They have cut back on steel usage and the door will warp eventually which is a pig to sort. also taller the flue the better. Don’t go tho king that they won’t smoke either - they will! Fuel is key, get it wrong and it’s awful!
  7. Where are you based? What size oil boiler is currently fiited, what kw size is the F2000? If no one is there to stokeoften then def go buffer tank. many didn’t fit buffers and the boiler cuts in and out as the 3000 litre or so cools and heats. You will find efficiencies drop big time doing this, the best way to use them is hard and fast, flat out and bank the heat.
  8. Great thanks. i know much depends on the type, size, thickness etc but can you give me a ball park figure? It’s side flailed every few years, 3-4 metres tall
  9. Anyone interested in at least 500m of hedge laying in Oxfordshire? will probably end up getting 1km to do.
  10. Got a pile of virgin, unprocessed chip that needs to go so about to have a ring around. What are people getting for artic loads these days, loaded? been offered £12 pt on first call, is that reasonable? TYIA
  11. Give Nick a call - 07767 480117 he is in your area
  12. £10 per ton ball park I imagine.
  13. Never called in but often fancy a go on the kit they have there. 30 yrs ago it was a tin shed, bit different now!
  14. Pass the police station, over the bridge, turn right and you are on the left? purely curious, there is a company there who I have watched grow my whole life as I drive past, Always makes me smiles as I go by.
  15. thanks. I need it all for my own use though. id be interested to hear what they paid you though.


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