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  1. Thinking of switching over for my 200/2511 as they live inside,would it help not stinking the house with 2T ?and do saws need tuning
  2. 1664

    HAVS test

    Hi Irishlew,I've been climbing for 4 years and had CTS sytoms so changed my systems over to SRT .Also only using sharp chainsaw with rakers correct and not doing hedges,the Echo 2511 is so much smoother with the 0.43 kerf and bump spike.(also using Spud Ported Saws reduces time on Saw 👌😂) I also do hand exercise ,hope this is useful
  3. Thanks Ratman👍The 200T ripping a bit of conifer💪
  4. Spud ported my 2 200T 👌,a bit of postage and you get a ripper back 🤔
  5. 1664

    Ported chainsaws.

    I've got 4 spud saws ,just do it and enjoy 👍
  6. 1664

    To old?

    Been Climbing 2 years have all the tickets and do as much SRT as possible.Worked council contracts but freelance at moment looking into Raptors survey and Bat habitat. I worked 30 years in Casinos so enjoying fresh air.
  7. 1664

    To old?

    Started at 50 and have had no problems of age ,as long as someone wants to get on . Climb SRT and keep chain sharp .
  8. <p>:thumbup:Ps like the Chimp 👍</p>

  9. <p>Hi Mick,sorry not to get back sooner didn't see message. I understand that its a bit more just wanted a 346 XPG that hasn't been hammered by someone else, I have 2 ported husqi 346 and357 . I m over in July and August in Cannes and hopefully pick something up that clean or new.If you hear of a company selling new link would be great.Thanks for feedback cheers Geoff</p>

  10. <p>Hi Geoff,you'll be much better off buying it (or the equivalent in the U.K.) as everything is so much more.ore pricey here.</p>


    <p>Hi Mick,</p>

    <p>Do you know a link to get hold of a Husqvarna 346 XPG in France . I do a contract in Cannes every year (Casino)work. I now work in Swansea doing tree work mainly contract stuff. I have a couple of Husqvana saws and would like to add this one .Cheers for any help Geoff </p>


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