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  1. Thanks everyone, just what a young professional needs [emoji23]
  2. Need a groundie for work on most Saturdays No experience needed just need to be keen and ego to work. Dm me if you’re interested.
  3. Starting to get my Buisness looking all professional and need inspiration.
  4. Starting to get my own work and needing a man+truck and chipper to hire for the day. Message me if interested. Thankyou.
  5. Hello glen, I’ve been traveling for 6 months and come home on Monday, I have a full time job waiting for me but if you need an extra pair of hands on a weekend then let me know, my day rate is 150 but I’d start at 120 for you and you can decide if I’m worth more after a few days, hope this helps you ( and me out ) best of luck Jack
  6. I’m not one for shaming on people but this tree is easily 100+ years and someone’s done this. Whoever did this you need to take a step back and think if this is the job for you. Pecked common
  7. Climb a 50-60 ft skinny dead horse chestnut today, luckily could anchor into a tree next to it but it was really unsettling, anyone had and bad things happen to the for learning advice??
  8.  Hi mate see your post  on arbtlak  seeing that you only can do weekends or a whole week How much  is your day  rate  based in Croydon  thanks Ashley 

  9. So went to the ladies house today to have a look at a potential job sounded like it was a grinding a stump job But got there and an apple tree that we felled and grinder two years ago has started suckering, well the lady is saying it’s an all Lee tree but I’m not sure if so what would be the best way to remove them ??? I suggested poising the new growth.
  10. Climber Hi mate I know it said to photo be you but don’t wanna waist your time, I’m a competent climber, I would like to say I could tackle anything thrown at me. I live in Upminster but don’t mind traveling up to you, the boy problem is I could only do weekends unless you want to book a whole week with me. All the best and good luck Jack


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