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  1. Looking at getting one of these what’s the best value for money ?
  2. Also is there a max size stump you’ll do with the little grinder ? I’ve got some work already and they are about half a meter wide. Would you do that ?
  3. Thankyou mate, was considering them and you’ve just made up my mind. What size wheel is on that rock grinder ?
  4. Just bought a 13hp rock machinery stump grinder and I was wondering if I should change the teeth setup. What are your thoughts?
  5. Biggin hill,Kent Ned a few loler tests done on on several kits, who’s available?
  6. Thanks for the comment, at the moment we hire out a big tracked vermeer and simple turn down stumps with no access to that machine, I am swaying to the Rayco rg13 but if I could see the benefits to get the predator 360, is that as easy to move around as the rayco, good you get it through most houses ??
  7. What second hand small stump grinder to buy with £3000, looking for a reliable half decent grinder that I can get through doorways with. Any suggestions ???
  8. Is there anyone who does piCUS work that could help me, I am learning more and more about this and other types of tree scanners, I just want some information on how this will go on in the future and is it worth investing in. I’d also like to to some work with someone who does this as a job.
  9. Yes my company can dispose of it professionally, just give me a call if you’d like to discuss further 07950901922
  10. Hello Phil did you manage to get anyone to remove the opm ?
  11. Oak precessionary moth training. Anyone know or have experience in removing the nests ? What to do, do I need to be licensed and do I need training ?
  12. As it says in the title I need a new harness and want one with good back support, not a fan of the tree motion as The side rings dig into my hips.
  13. Hello Jimbo, based in biggin hill and need a climber and groundsman for full time 07950901922 phone me if interested
  14. In need of a new three section ladder, what brand do you recommend? [emoji1360]
  15. Time for a new set of trouser what’s the best all round protection and rip proof ?


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