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  1. On with Rough Hewn here, new chains aren't sharp and there can be a rather big difference in debt gauge and toth length that's why I sharpen or more shape a new chain before cutting. Ripping chain should give more speed and cleaner cut of course provided that they are filed correct and kept sharp. Being on a 50cc saw that may also be why you don't see much speed difference, the saw simply can't keep the chain speed up. I use a MS 661 for slabbing and a MS 362 for the vertical cuts and I can feel big difference in cutting speed when getting close to 15" and above with the same type of chain on both saws. Jesper
  2. Bummer.. I really like the quick release because it don't use a nut to tighten with. I find that the nuts jam up with resin and gum from the wood and become impossible to loosen. Jesper
  3. Hi I was wondering if the quick release clamps fit on the new style brackets for the Alaskan mill? I would hate to go back to the old nuts and bolts system after working with the wonderful quick release setup. Jesper
  4. Well with full cut with that 36" bar in oak or beech it not fast but not that painful either. I do run it with the granberg chain to keep speed up. The MS661do a rather great job keeping the chain speed up.
  5. I was wondering how big a bar I could i can run if I combined my MS661 and MS362 on a Alaskan mill. Normally I have no need for cutting more than my 36" bar can handle but I would like to have the possibility to mill bigger logs if I get some. So I recon that the opportunity to use both sawheads is the best but how big can I go using a 3/8" chain (and what chain would you use?) Jesper
  6. Thx, any info on how big the battery are? Thinking in how much power (mAh) it holds not its physical size. Jespe
  7. Hi I was looking at the 12v power pack for my Grandberg grinder but how do the power pack charge? Jesper
  8. Looking forward to that and hope that it's going to be possible to buy it from outside the UK. Jesper
  9. I've had some of it to using a Granberg ripping chain. I found that it was likely to happen when pushing hard and the chain isn't tightened fully so the chain can tilt and by that get wider. Using a hand winch drastically improved my surface finish because the more even speed I can move the saw though the log.
  10. Just got some apple and thorn wood milled yesterday into som 1" boards.
  11. I treat and use red oak as beech, great wood for furniture and anything indoor but no good for long lasting outdoor use. It's a really beautiful wood and indeed would be a shame to make it into firewood.
  12. Being in Denmark I normally buy my felling chains with my normal forest supplier but ripping chain I go to Rob because it's a pain to get them though my normal supplier or they tell me that they don't exist. I only running Stihl chains on my MS 661 and Oregon on my little husky life is to short for cheap chains that dull quickly.
  13. CCOS

    Stihl ms 661

    Running a 36" for mostly for milling but also for felling and cut up big logs. As the main bar I use the 25" for felling and rough cutting logs into lengths. Probably going to put a 20" on for use with the vertical mini mill.
  14. Well I started with a Husky 435 and the small log mill, a fine saw for cutting down smaller trees and with a 18" bar it can take a fair size log. But it takes time, way too much time and puts a very high strain on the saw. To day I use a MS661 with 36" or the smaller 25" bar and the grandberg rip chain. It delivers a smooth cut and a good cutting speed in pine and oak with out pushing the saw beyond what is good for it. To day I use the small Husky for the vertical mill for smaller & midsize logs other than that I use the big MS661.
  15. I'm looking into the Granberg 12v grinder but can't find any thing about how long the grinding stones last. I know that it depends but any experience with them? How do the last with normal sharpening. ooh It's mainly going to sharpen 3/8" chisel chain and the granberg ripping chain at 25" and 36" Jesper


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