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  1. PC Treescapes

    Dead Oak carving

    ......and no, it wasn't us who 'reduced' the tree ;-)
  2. PC Treescapes

    Dead Oak carving

    Evening all We have a customer who has a dead Oak stem and some canopy standing in their garden. They have asked us to remove the dead canopy to make it safe, but would like to get the remaining stem and canopy stubs carved in some way if possible. Tree had been dead some time and sap wood is in poor condition The tree is in Amersham, Buckinghamshire if anyone is interested. Would like to discuss how long to leave stubs to allow carving etc Any carvers let me know if you would be interested and I can pass customer details on Thank you Peter Some pics attached
  3. PC Treescapes

    7.5 tonne height

    Thank you
  4. PC Treescapes

    7.5 tonne height

  5. PC Treescapes

    7.5 tonne height

    Morning all, just thinking of changing a roller shutter door, and have the option of increasing the height, currently run transit tippers circa 2.6-3 metres tall with ladder's on top, but hopefully upgrading to a 7.5 tonne. Open ended question I know but how tall are your 7.5 tonne trucks with the body. Is a 4 metre clearance enough do people recon? Many thanks Peter Charlton Pc Treescapes
  6. PC Treescapes

    Most original objection to tree felling/work?

    That link hasn't abreviatied well!
  7. PC Treescapes

    Anyone got a 3.5t tipper/dropside body?

    Got two transit tipping bodies we have taken off since we had new bodies put on. Tipping gear fine on both, but one body has a lot of surface rust, and will need a plate welding at bottom of headboard where it meets floor. Floor is sound, can get some better pictures of your interested. Black one off a 2004 mwb and white off a 2011 mwb but both same size chassis. Cheers. Peter
  8. PC Treescapes


    In larger sizes too
  9. PC Treescapes


    As above, this worked really well to stop our rat problem, no issues since https://shop.bhwt.org.uk/collections/chickenfeeders/products/eton-treadle-feeder-5kg?gclid=Cj0KCQiAgMPgBRDDARIsAOh3uyI0CtO9PT6IifKfiM7A1R3jMlvVIa-nxLMkfEhH7t70HD8YwkApLn8aAglSEALw_wcB Available from lots of different stockists Peter
  10. PC Treescapes

    Beech tree fungus

    Evening, found these first two on the healed historic wounds of a Beech, and the others around the base of an oak and then another large Beech. Can anyone tell me what they are please, sorry drawn a black on these. Peter
  11. PC Treescapes

    Crane hire

    Thanks will give them a call
  12. PC Treescapes

    Crane hire

    Can anyone recommend a crane hire company for tree work that covers Watford, Hertfordshire. I know M and M do, wondering if anyone else recommends any other companies. Thank you Peter
  13. PC Treescapes

    Cutting high hedges

    We now only really use the workwear 3 leg adjustable tripod ladders from browns ladders for hedging. They can be used on very uneven terrain, are light, are quick to adjust and very stable, now have the 6, 8, 12 and 14foot version. Make hedgecutting much more efficient, we used to use heavy a frame ladders, but nearly always had to have someone foot them as four legs no where near as stable, and not adjustable. Could not recommend enough - also great for formative pruning or very light reductions on young trees that are too small to climb!
  14. PC Treescapes

    Fungi id

    Hi David Thanks for this, will get some better shots when I am next that way Peter
  15. PC Treescapes

    Fungi id

    Evening, can anyone identify this fungus found on a horse chestnut a couple of weeks ago Limbs slowly dying one by one throughout canopy, slowly spreading from central limbs outwards Thanks Peter


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