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  1. Our Stein one we got several years ago. Great for jobs with a very long drag, but it is heavy, so generally only comes out on these long drags, where we pile on as much on as possible, then two of us drag it out. No issues with quality, and the solid tyres mean no punctures, it is just heavy to pull, so we find it only really comes out when there is a lot to move a long way (and you can't get a machine in [emoji6])
  2. Hi, thank you, didn't know that, one less job to do [emoji6] Peter
  3. Would resin be best for our kitchen table, has a stupid design detail of a 5mm groove running around table, collects all the rubbish......until I have time to build a new kitchen table from our milled timber. Or would you recommend a filler. Thanks. Peter
  4. Turns out our last day was today, government made it quite clear tonight, not worth the risk to our customers, staff, family, and the rest of the country.....and if you did hurt yourself - you would have to go to..... hospital! Take care all.
  5. We have used Pirtek, quick and efficient, but not cheap! Done a pipe on telehandler and tractor hedgecutter recently, but finding a decent agri mechanic probably your best bet, or if you are likely to need a lot of hoses doing, might pay to get your own machine. That's what I am currently looking into. Peter
  6. Perfect, looks an exact match, thanks, tree is in decline, so would follow it is feeding on the dead exposed part of the main stem. Thanks
  7. Found these on a Chestnut, does anyone recognise, can't find on tma app, does anyone recommend another good book or app for fungi id Thanks Peter
  8. Thanks, will look into it, hopefully as it is much better news for the tree [emoji4]
  9. Evening, can anyone confirm the id of this please? Found it on the back of a very large mature Oak, canopy seems very full and healthy for a mature oak, with no die back and very little if any visible deadwood Thanks Peter
  10. We have most of the workware tripod steps, from 6foot to the tallest. I like these as they are very robust, adjustable 3 legs, and a blank top, so nothing gets in the way when hedge cutting, also apart from the single leg on the biggest set, every other set uses spring loaded pins to adjust legs so much quicker, and the lads haven't successfully broken any yet, touch wood. So much quicker, safer and lighter than any other steps we have had, especially tripod ladders we used to use a lot. Peter
  11. Hi, we have one recommended by aspen from memory, will look at yard tomorrow and send the details over, stays in barrel, hand cranked, done the job for several years no problem. Peter
  12. Our Kubota M9540 with farma timber trailer removing the timber from a dead Beech dismantle today
  13. ......and no, it wasn't us who 'reduced' the tree ;-)
  14. Evening all We have a customer who has a dead Oak stem and some canopy standing in their garden. They have asked us to remove the dead canopy to make it safe, but would like to get the remaining stem and canopy stubs carved in some way if possible. Tree had been dead some time and sap wood is in poor condition The tree is in Amersham, Buckinghamshire if anyone is interested. Would like to discuss how long to leave stubs to allow carving etc Any carvers let me know if you would be interested and I can pass customer details on Thank you Peter Some pics attached


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