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  1. Getting sick of it now 27" and more forecast. Also strong winds forecast so should make quite a mess
  2. Same here Stubby the auto close one jams in the older saws with the littler oil filler
  3. I got that supplied with my can as well as the 2 push type
  4. True insperation too us all Rip Sir Tom
  5. The cheapest bucket edges I found was from Whites Material handing
  6. Be very careful not to compress the timber going through the knife. I made a 28 way for a 60 ton spiltter and it was great on straight grained stuff but when it jammed it took ages to clear it. Ended up scrapping it and making an 18 way. So much better but still a bugger when it jams. Only use it for sticks over 20" now as its not height adjustable so loads of small stuff with smaller clogs.
  7. 4" snow and seems it's the only thing that's right with 2020
  8. Always fed the ferrets on rabbit so it was nothing special if the rabbits wouldn't bolt and the ended up killing one. A mate fed his on saps (milk and bread) and often had to dig them out.
  9. Buy one to match what your cutting
  10. My dad built a stick shed with spruce 30 years ago and creosoted it and the boards are as fresh as the day they went up
  11. Hobby is all it'll be for. The wife wants to turn some bowls. So if she likes it then may buy a proper lathe. It'll also be handy with the bandsaw and jointer.
  12. Does any one have or used a Shopsmith V, just bought one with the band saw, scroll saw and jointer attachments. Just wondering if its a jack of all trades and master of none! Or is it good and accurate at most things. It seems that there is adjustment to true up most things.
  13. Just go in and speak to them and explain. I did this at my local garage as the pump kicks out at £100 so I hang up the nozzle after 4 cans (80lts) and then start again to fill the other two. They are quite understanding and realised that I could make 6 trips or just let me get 120 lts all at once
  14. Fill up at the local shell station and fill 4 to 6 Jerry cans at a time (metal) don't go to supermarkets as they have to stick by the rules.
  15. 8" beams and the drawings are mostly in my head. And worked around what beams I have available. Yeah got the Makita and it's a god send saves so much time.


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