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  1. Been so busy with the garden to get going with woodworking. Now the NE dreich and miserable weather are back I may get going again
  2. 16mm X 53mm, 85mm and 115mm 32mm X 53mm, 85mm and 115mm That is the width and length of the 3 cutting positions and the second figures are for the second position hope that makes sense
  3. Makita 7104l always ment to go and see Johnsond but with this Wuflu carry on never managed, so the wife got it for my 50th [emoji106] [emoji106]
  4. Try direct plastics if you can get someone to machine it for you I've used oilon rod and sheet for bushes and slides. Easy to machine and self lubricating.
  5. WOW it's quick. Arrived today and risked electrocution as it was pissing it down all day
  6. Take it round to a mates shed[emoji106]
  7. Thanks for that ADW[emoji106] [emoji106]
  8. Knocked up this a few years ago and it's great for lengths above 8", made of metal which is OK providing you don't try to cut it! A couple of 4x2" at the bottom so when the saw goes through no contact with the frame
  9. Does any one know the carb settings for a Husqvarna K760? Cheers
  10. It'll make no difference! Which ever is easiest and crack on
  11. Is it leaking between sections? If so then it looks like a c top 3 valve and there will be 4 o rings between sections
  12. Normally if you speak to the forester there are part loads left all over the place and if you can pick up yourself then crack on. In saying that it's been 5 years since I bought from them so demand may well be up


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