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  1. CallumA

    house renovation forum

    13 years into a 5 year plan doing up my mums old house! Deffo make a plan and stick to it and not change half way through as I and the wife have done many times. House almost finished and also landscapeing almost there. Best of luck with the renovation only advice is put in the best insolation you can afford as it'll pay in the long run
  2. CallumA

    3120 oil side crank seal.

    Don't want to hijack te thread but milling with a 3120xp and the flywheel bearing cage failed causing damage to the piston! Should I run the saw at 40:1 as the flywheel bearing will always see less oil! Or just rebuild and crack on!!
  3. CallumA

    Competent saw user needed

    I was always taught to bang the handle on the bench and the weight of the file will drive itself in. Do the same with hammers etc. Hope its not too sore but you are guaranteed to knock it on everything for the next few days!!
  4. CallumA

    Woodlands 130 loading options

    If the Jack's are bolt on you should fit in spacers that should let it clear! What size box did you use for the main frame?? Trailer looks awesome
  5. CallumA

    What saws you got ?

    Husky 3120xp for the chain as mill Husky 390xp for the saw horse Husky 560xp for firewood 2 x husky 266 for firewood not used as much as 560 is go to saw Husky 136 never used
  6. CallumA

    Rotor Pulley Taper Lock ??

    A taper lock should never come off on less it was not tightened or excessive vibration
  7. CallumA

    the 'todays job' thread

    Porous block issues with the 6600 and 7600 back in the day the new blocks had a cross hatch on the out side compared to the smooth faulty ones! Changed loads when serving my time.
  8. CallumA

    the 'todays job' thread

  9. CallumA

    Road side Oak.

    Have you tried Ramko for hydraulic cylinders as they are reasonable
  10. CallumA

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    As above, drain out all water out of the fuel tank as well you should have a drain at the bottom but if forestry guarded it may be difficult or impossible to get to! Also change water separator and main fuel filter as said above
  11. CallumA

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    Was Chief mech with Transocean till 2017 now with service company repairing Caterpillar engines
  12. CallumA

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    Used to work in Nigeria and West Africa then the UAE now back in the North sea
  13. CallumA

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    You mean Cushnie Farm Huntly! I live in Cushnie near Alford
  14. CallumA

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    Banned most places offshore now as you said no ankle support.
  15. CallumA

    Crap in your eye ....

    Had a few grinder sparks over the years and if you leave them too long the A&E will have to drill them out which is a bit weird as you hear the little drill hitting the metal. Last time I was in they told me to go to an optician as they are paid by the NHS to handle emergencies


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