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  1. Make sure you go to Cragside owned by the national trust lovely place and some awesome trees there
  2. Kindling machine

    Make one!
  3. Need to hire a 3 Furrow Plough...

    Well done mate you should be well chuffed with that!!
  4. Whats the price of red derv now thanks

  5. Is Scots pine good for structural timbers

    Possibly a bit fancier than the shed I was going to build. Whats with the socks?? I thought I was the only one with pairs of socks like that:laugh1:
  6. A public "good" must be paid for from the public purse

    We should be paying the cost of production at the minimum for all farm produced products, then we would all be complaining about the increased cost of the weekly shop. How can dairy farmers make a living with the farm gate price lower than the cost of production. I totally agree that the current system has created "arm chair farmers" playing the system, but I also know a lot of Farmers that live on an overdraft all year until the subs hit the bank, and then the cycle starts again. In a perfect world we the consumer would pay a fair price for the produce farmed in a responsible manner. Then the subsidies could stop and our Farmers could make more or less depending on how efficient there farm was! The sheep farm in the highlands would struggle compared the a arable farm in the Howe of the Mearns (good fertile arable land) but the land price would reflect that! Stop the subs and make the good farmers better and the arm chair farmers go out of business. Its a complicated issue and impossible to please all, and if they stop there would be a few tough years and there would be lots of Farms going to the wall but a lot would survive and thrive!
  7. Is Scots pine good for structural timbers

    I thought with the long fibres in spruce it would be strong!
  8. Looking for some advice on structural timbers. I'm currently in the process of milling some Sitka Spruce for a shed roof. Could I use Scots Pine as well or is it too brittle or not strong enough?? I would love to use Larch but have none in the wood to use. Opinions please!
  9. New Toy Tested with good results

    I used 80 mm box section with 6mm Tee welded on to it with a 20mm gap between the box and tee
  10. New Toy Tested with good results

    just made it to cut some spruce beams for some sheds! there is a few large dead elms about so who knows what will get milled in the future!!
  11. New Toy Tested with good results

    here you go
  12. New Toy Tested with good results

    With the steel, bearings and sprockets etc about 600 quid so not too bad! Spent a few hours on it and tested it before painting and had to change a couple of bits but all in all a nice shed project for the winter!!
  13. Got the home made chainsaw mill tested and painted and the resulting finish on the milled timber is better than expected!!
  14. Tyres

    michelin agbibs are hard wearing but are terrible for cracking below the lugs on older tyres.
  15. 560XP 20" bar

    Just bought a 560 xp and wow!! run it with an 18" bar! Its so light and nimble compared to my old 266 xp and well balanced. Is the balance OK with a 20" bar or would you need to go for a shugi lightweight bar??


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