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  1. CallumA

    Which resin

    It's for filling in bark inclusions and between 2 live edges. The wood is 21%
  2. CallumA

    Which resin

    A question to all you table makers! Which low odor resin do you use? I need low odor as job will be done in house garage Cheers
  3. Don't think I'll get over this year now with all this going on. Stay safe everyone
  4. I'll try and find some photos of my set up. But it's basically both heat sources into the Dunsley Neutralizer with a danfoss thermostatic switch clipped on to the top over flow pipe set at the desired radiator pump temperature (mine was 80*C) which then switches on the radiator pump. I was also lucky that I could just run the hot water as a gravity circuit. It was good as the central heating could be worked off timer or water temperature.
  5. Off to UK sector tomorrow 545 check in and 10 or so forms filled in so far
  6. Where are you isolating in UK or norway
  7. Here's another I bought also very informative
  8. Good book that lots of tips etc
  9. Yes still have one although don't need it now. Had a Stanley range and a Hunter Herald connected up to one with great results. Got rid of the Stanley Once we fitted the biomass boiler. Which is tied into the vented system with zone valves. Should have some pictures some where if you need
  10. I think it's just the bar mount is the same as the rest of the bigger husky (095) I think and 3/8" chain as standard


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