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  1. Mick Dempsey

    the 'todays job' thread

    One of those days today, a series of schoolboy errors. Thankfully none too serious.
  2. Mick Dempsey

    the 'todays job' thread

    I’ll share a little near miss on this one... So I had to fell one of the butts, the Ranger was a good way away, parked under à Douglas so the dog could stay cool. I eyed it up and considered moving the truck, but thought it’d be fine. What I hadn’t considered was the effect the trunk placed on the ground to act as a shock absorber/thing to keep it off the ground for ease of bucking, would be. The sopping wet poplar trunk (wet with sap you understand) hit the other piece and sheets of bark fell off leaving bare, slippy wood, this frictionless surface meant the trunk slid straight towards the truck, with us powerless to stop it. You can see how close from the photos. The other photo shows how far it travelled from the stump (flat ground btw)
  3. Mick Dempsey

    the 'todays job' thread

    Very true, rope a big stem off and it floats, very little shock loading.
  4. Mick Dempsey

    the 'todays job' thread

    Lombardy day today. Usually easy dismantling.
  5. Mick Dempsey

    the 'todays job' thread

  6. Mick Dempsey

    Staff woes

    Think about it.
  7. Mick Dempsey

    Staff woes

    Lots of jobs about at the moment, best employment figures for years apparently. Sweating your nuts off around trees and chippers for buttons isn’t on the top of many young men’s to do list.
  8. Mick Dempsey

    Lame Facebook positivity memes.

    You know Arbtalk is social media though Khriss?
  9. Mick Dempsey

    Most expensive single tree removal you have done ?

    How many NZ dollars to remove this bit of willow? (only joking, your guys were a credit to your country)
  10. Mick Dempsey

    Back releife and musle flexablity

    Osteopathy and chiropractors.
  11. Mick Dempsey

    Customer gave me this collection on Friday.

    The 020 looks nice, the rest....meh. I had a client with an 020 like that as his firewood saw, I couldn’t tempt him out of it. A nice little collection though, lucky bugger.
  12. Mick Dempsey

    Southampton graveyard hornbeam?

    Looks like a weeping beech to me.
  13. Mick Dempsey

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Personally I always take the saw. Number of reasons, I’m nearly all takedowns so I don’t need to get to the top to start cutting, bang a few bits on the floor on the way up, gives the groundsmen something to get on with while I’m setting up. Plus as has been said there’s nearly always something in your way that can be cut to ease your climb. I understand SRT is different like that, but I don’t use it (yet)
  14. Mick Dempsey

    Most expensive single tree removal you have done ?

    And a lot of chains by the look of it! As a point of interest do you make any money out of that chainsaw milling malarkey with clients? I would rather get in, do the tree, get paid and get out. Surely you’ll make more on the next tree job than hanging around there making a load of noise and dust for some boards that they never realised they wanted till you talked them into it?
  15. Mick Dempsey

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Stephan absented himself not long after this.


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