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  1. Yeah it’s handy, but don’t forget he gets that firewood, buckshee, a few miles from his yard. We both do ok, but we both think that the other one gets the better end of the deal. Which I suppose means that it’s fair!
  2. It’s a rugby pitch in the background, can’t see it being an issue. Finished up the clearance job. This red oak had some sort of Ganoderma, outwardly fine, full crown etc. Internally soft as pulp at the base.
  3. No, you can keep that, and the homemade pineau i get oftimes from the older sorts.
  4. Goodfellas, restaurant scene, Joe Pesci. Cant post YouTube vids on here anymore.
  5. I’m all but done with ales, ciders, lagers etc. Too lazy to keep getting up for a pee.
  6. In all seriousness, autumns and springs are usually a little more clement than at home. (David is not far from me) We always watch the forecast for the UK as we watch British TV, it’s similar but better.
  7. No it’s the dry heat, warm winds and bright autumn sunshine. Tires you out.
  8. Not the foggiest what this thread is about. Good photo though.
  9. Agreed, I consider it like buying a job, paying for something to do. There are people who retire thinking they’ve done ok (purely because they’ve remained solvent and paid the mortgage) and have missed out on hundreds of thousands of pounds purely through naive pricing. I’m not excluding myself from that either, though I hope I’m getting better.
  10. I always assumed that was the case 95% of the time, everything else is a made up story to cover that.
  11. I just watched the ‘ heaven knows..’ appearance on ToTP, absolutely brilliant. At the time I was baffled and annoyed.
  12. Loading odd shaped big logs when pissed, then trying to shut the door.


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