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  1. Couldnt agree more Steve baffled me why stihl and echo haven't jumped on it is it patented I wounder ?
  2. Cheers would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi guys/girls First question is for the 572 owners what do you think of it pros cons etc or should I wait till may for the 500i ?? Thanks
  4. I'm getting continualy frustrated with my 540 and have started using my 201 again far superior imo but not going to start a riot ?? my question is has anyone fitted a highclip to there stihl echo etc any photos of what you used where you positioned it are greatly appreciated I know people will say just use a extra karabiner it's not the same ? only thing I love about the 540 ?? Thanks
  5. I have a 2013 661 I know the bad one pre recall I purchased it seccond hand so I dont know if it had been sent back but judging by my problems I'd guess it hasent I've had to put a new clutch needle cage bearing and conrod bearing on so far my question is what was it recalled for can I buy the replacement parts . Also the decompression valve isn't working it's not stuck just realy lose any ideas on this Thanks
  6. What are peoples views and experiences with the dynamic mfg range of big chippers I know there used alot in the biomass side of things I'm looking at getting a 12 inch plus chipper for site clearance already run a Jensen for the domestic work so it wouldnt be a sole chipper they look very similar to bandit vermeer and morbark etc but are considerably cheaper seem abit to good to be true imo ?
  7. ive been eagerly awaiting the release date for a while but from what I've read I will be getting the 572 and waiting till the 500i gets a bit older a common mistake I've made in the past is buying straight away and finding faults and having to by the upgrade kits or they were recalled etc
  8. well if he does hes just sold that thanks mate how come it needs parts is it not new
  9. anyone got an update on this upgrading a few saws for one of my teams and one on the block is the 441 never liked it to be honest ?so after people have used them more would you go 462 or 572 I notice the 572 is out of stock everywhere I look yet I could have a 462 tomorrow is that a sign of the way things have gone next is the 261 open to opinions on that and third possibly the 661 again I value your opinion they will all be heated handle models not that that makes a difference to whats best just thought id mention it
  10. Not trying to derail but where did you get your 572 from id order one now if you know sonewhere i was told late next week
  11. If i need an 880 taking up i now know who to call [emoji23][emoji23] 661 is enough to give the harness a good pull never purchased an 880 because would properly spend more time on the shelf than in use but yerh back to the huskys i was thinking how long do they take to heat up im the same with the extra weight dont mind if you can have a bit of extra comfort acording to husky its about point 8 of a kg difference so its nothing realy an if there still going strong after 2 years plus then it answers my question regarding longterm reliability
  12. [emoji23][emoji23] back to the origanal post though ive driven over 4ft plus hawthorns with the destroyer mulcher and theres just a pulp of sawdust and bits of chip so can definetley see the benifits of mulching headge clipping even if i am on the other end of the scale
  13. Thanks for your insight realy apprechiate it im forever cleaning my saws and servicing them so i would make sure the switch was clean and that does sound like a interesting studdy and when you think about it it makes alot of sense
  14. Ah so they are quite problematic then how mutch is expensive if you dont mind me asking is there a specific common fault on them thats what i was thinking winter and rainy days it would be nice
  15. Thats true just thought when your gloves are damp when its been raining soon dry them out ??
  16. I think thats made my mind up then i belive its an extra £ 80 and fair enough i look after my kit so it wouldnt be abused so sounds like it will last unlike my 540
  17. Cheers mate yerh its not bad 17 meter reach on fully boomed out is that an agri spec jcb or the construction tele skid
  18. If thats an overkill you wont like me then not that its a competition or anything ?[emoji123]
  19. Knew it ?? This is my mates manitou claas is a better thought out machine for the bigger stuff in my experience typically german even if it is made by kramer ?
  20. Manitou mate nice machine does it have the load sensor on the arm ours was forever beeping so got the claas for more muscle
  21. Yeh thats it Mick always been one for working smart well trying to anyway when you can get the machines in of course you could cut them in 2 ton plus lumps if you wanted skid steers move over plz ? i cut so far through then rolled it with the scorpion [emoji123][emoji123]
  22. Thanks for justifying what i was thinking ?how long have you had it is it holding up okay no faults or build quality issues. whats your view on heated handles
  23. failed mature oak cleanup we had some our 7055 claas scorpion to load and our new Holland t7 with are 16 ton trailer for the timber needed a bigger bar really on the day both sides with the 36 sugi on the 661


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