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  1. RobE911

    Beech takedown

    :thumbup1:Buuuuttter smooth Not enough videos give credit to the ground guys.
  2. That pictures sick, is he rigging that down? Whats up with the rigging around the butt end of the piece? sorry to take the focus off the thread, congrats on the offer! Make it happen! Im sitting in the international terminal right now on the way to Stockholm.
  3. Nice climb, try putting an extension between your bridge and hitch climber. It will relieve you from having to tend slack and mess with your prusik while ascending decent heights. DdRT! check 0:40 if that didnt make any sense [ame] [/ame]
  4. I'm going to Sweden for less than year in 17days and I am curious about how my taxes are going to play out since I'm an American. I figured as long as I file as self employed here in the states and pay my %15 to Uncle Sam then I should be good. Just wondering if there are any swedish taxes I have to worry about after receiving direct deposits into my account. If anyone knows of an American working in the EU for under a year, could you tell me what they had to worry about financially/legally? I've spoken to a couple of climbers here and they told me they were paid via wire transfer and paid taxes back home. Awesome thread, keep it going.
  5. I will be leaving the states and going to Stockholm on the 28th. I found a gig via arbjobs and I'm taking the plunge. Everyone I've talked to on this forum and in person have told me to just do it. The American guys I've spoken to said they were all paid directly through monthly wire transfers while working in Germany. I plan filing self employed taxes here in the states if I work there under a year. I'll keep you posted on how green the grass is on the other side as the employer I'm going to has two "kiwis" working for him now. Not sure if you have a gopro but I've found sending a few removal videos along with a CV helps a lot. Good luck Aaron!

    <p>Hey Josh,</p>

    <p>Im currently talking to Derek about working with Global Tree Care in Stockholm. It seems you are at another company, is there anything I should know about GTC? From what I can find on google (how I found you) it seems like an awesome company. </p>

    <p>Tack so mycke for any advice/help. By the way I'd be coming from Atlanta, GA USA. </p>



  7. Thanks for the advice Scot, I could probably swing a two week stay. I do have a weeks paid vacation this year and I took 2 weeks unpaid last year to go check out Europe. In a perfect world I would find a gig there, fly back here, quit my job, go back and start bustin a$$. BTW here are two links to some crane removals I've done in Atlanta. [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame]
  8. You guys rule Im sure the accent swooned the southern ladies for a day or two, but thats more than enough time... Thanks for your advice man, you'll be one of the first I contact when Im the idiot abroad. I'll definitely look into that, thanks Im thinking the UK might hold more promise but what about all of the regulations/certifications there? arent they NPTC's or something?? It seems there's a lot required to just run a chainsaw, would this hold me up at all?
  9. Weird looking tree, worse lookin job site.
  10. Hey thanks for the replies- Hobsurf- I think the show "Idiot Abroad" is awesome... Get it? I have a Sherril harness and a hitch climber system with a poison ivy rope. Id definitely just pay to bring it all in one big gear bag. Born2trot- Is it really that easy? Maybe I should have just done that instead of worried about every little detail but a Brit I work with talked me down on the idea. He said it'd be like an illegal immigrant trying to find work. I know, "why don't you just go to home with your stupid questions?!" He's upper management and I'm not trying to convince everyone I'm quitting just yet.
  11. Hi, What do I have to do to work abroad??? After seeing some of the EU last September I decided I really wanted to work/live there for a little while, (or however long they wanna keep me). So I planted some seeds and a guy responded a few months later, last week, and asked if I'd still be interested in the job. I could smell Sweden earlier this week when the employer I was talking to bailed on bringing me over. He said the paperwork would be too much work... After he'd mentioned getting that sorted after I arrived. I have over 4 years of climbing, rigging, and chainsaw experience and I'm not a douchebag when it comes to working in a team. I have a CV and I'm very willing and able to pay my way to and from an opportunity abroad. Besides some money and a good work ethic, what else do I need to make it across the pond?


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