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  1. how much would be deemed overloaded? or does it depend on the manufacturer of the conversion?
  2. unless the chipper weighs less than 750kg..correct?
  3. good thinking, cheers dan!
  4. I've used a few husqvavrna top handle saws an I really like how you can clip the saw onto your harness with one hand using the eyelet that sticks out on the back of the saw. Anyone know of how I can make a similar one for my ms201t? Can't find anything on gooooogle Cheers, Ali
  5. Hi all, Been looking at pickup trucks with tipper conversions, (super/kingcabs, just a bit of extra space to put a few saws in the cab). Was wondering if anyone knows the deal with licenses? Would I need to upgrade my license if I was towing a chipper and fully loaded with chip? cheers
  6. Hi Goaty, what makes you say that? For me I believe it would be a great place - surf and fishing nearby and the mountains not too far away for skiing over winter Cheers
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of any firms in need of a climber in Christchurch? This would be my number 1 but I'm open to other cities with surf nearby?! Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi all, I'm a climber based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. I'll be free this Friday until Monday then free to do a day a week or so in a few weeks if anyone needs a hand. I can travel upto whitby/leeds/hull for the day or further for consecutive days. CS30,31,38,39,CSCS qualified, looking to do 40/41 soon. Got an ms201T, climbing gear, light rigging gear and I also have a domestic 14hp petrol woodchipper, chips upto 2/3" and it fits in the back of my focus estate with the shoot off 26 years old, been climbing 2 years now.. Any questions please feel free to ask Hope everyones well, Cheers
  9. im a confident climber but i would like to get cs40,41 under my belt from what some other climbers have said about it. ill look into dates. would be available to come out to bergen from mid june, (as i said in my email, if thats who i've been emailing?!) cheers
  10. hi all, had a job offer from tredoktoren in bergen, norway. was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the company or the area? the job offer is for a production climber removing large trees in short times frames. i have 2 years climbing experience subcontracting for quite a few companies and now self employed taking my own jobs on. cs30,31,38/39 qualified..would cs40/41 put me in better stead for this position? would anyone really recommend doing it? im happy enough dismantling big trees but not really sure whats covered in the course. as ever, any help/advice greatly appreciated!
  11. thanks for these responses guys very useful stuff, and from so close to home! (you trying to get rid of me?? ) think ill go out to the alps for the winter do this maintenance job then try find work at the end of the season..does anyone know when the jobs forum on arbtalk starts to pick up? Cheers, Ali
  12. ^just about HOLD a conversation in French^ Cheers
  13. Hi everyone, I'm currently self employed in north yorkshire but after breaking up with my girlfriend I would like to do some travelling and work while I'm away. I'm currently looking for jobs where I can do some skiing (Europe, cheaper flights!) but after that I'll be looking further a field... Anywhere! I surf too so I like the idea of NZ... If anyone has any advice/links/threads which might help me I'd love to hear about it. Was offered a job doing maintenance in a ski resort but i'd prefer to be in the trees! 25 years old. 18 months climbing. CS30,31,38,39..and I can just about help a conversation in French! Many thanks! Ali
  14. Hi all, I've been toying with the idea of getting a truck to carry out tree work and replace my car. I've been looking at trucks with iforwilliams canopies, but instead of shovelling the chip at the end of the day, I have a different plan. I'm not sure if it will work as I'm not sure of the weight of wet chip and the pulling power of most trucks. If I put a large metal plate at the front of the pickup, just behind the cab, and attach that to chains that can be anchored to something just behind the pickup then drive forward in 4L would that pull most the chip off? Would all 4x4's manage it? Any thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys, useful stuff. good to hear that its pretty common and perhaps a viable plan. any idea how this kind of thing or district heating fits into the renewable heat incentive these days? ...another option is sw france! anyone know about french incentives?! this plan is very loose at the moment!


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