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  1. Stihlmadd vids

    Thankyou Mick, if you have had the pleasure of cutting lemon scented before you would appreciate the unique weight and density of this misbegotten timber. crane op and dogman were quite surprised - I laughed , good times.
  2. Stihlmadd vids

    thank you silky fox, the contractor and I agreed due to the inclosed nature of the tree and the limited access that the crane was the only way to fly. ironically I had pruned the whole tree three months before the customers decided to go ahead with the removal.
  3. Stihlmadd vids

    Two day crane assisted removal over a child care centre . Ben
  4. Stihlmadd vids

    thank you Steve, the new site is quite the treat to come back to after another long working stint.
  5. Stihlmadd vids

    Winters Fall
  6. Stihlmadd vids

    we measured it at 48.3 mtrs height and 7.63 mtrs around at 1 meter off ground level.
  7. Stihlmadd vids

    and cause you once said you wouldn't be able to recognise me at a petrol station line up with out my gloves on here is a rare selfie I took near the top of the Red gum I pruned.
  8. Stihlmadd vids

    really - that blows , I paid music bed reasonable coin for the copyright use of the music , thank you for letting me know I will have a look into it. still subbying but at half my own work and half others , the last two videos are jobs I quoted for my business Astons Arborists . works quietened down but steady and the winter weather has kicked in but Im trucking on for now thank you for asking. how about yourself?
  9. Stihlmadd vids

    three day prune up on a River red gum - the tallest and biggest Euc I have worked on so far. enjoy Ben
  10. Stihlmadd vids

    double Red gum removal over three days, some interesting rigging moments and a few good drops. Ben
  11. Stihlmadd vids

    Stone pine removal over several days including a first for me - rigging out a tree house. nothing fantastic or massive. Ben
  12. Stihlmadd vids

    thankyou SamTree, apologies for the late reply - feel very rude in taking so long to get back to you. been busy like an arse kicking olympic contender.
  13. Stihlmadd vids

    It's Gotta Go! Tasmanian Blue Gum Removal
  14. Stihlmadd vids

    it creates a self tending VT hitch by removing the setback which leads to a number of advantages when climbing such as one hand tending.
  15. Stihlmadd vids

    sure thing Tommy_B that is the mountain bike tyre tube on the left and the zip tie version on the right the fixed eye still attaches in the middle hole of the Hitch pulley


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