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  1. Hi, I'm looking for shifts in and around Glasgow. I have cs30,31,38 + 39 as well as emergency first aid. I'm a new climber with just over a years experience, but I'm hard working and confident with jobs that are not overly technical. I have have my own saws and climbing kit. Rich 07933 136253
  2. Rich 86

    Tiny echo!

    Thanks to Rob D I'm now in possession of an echo 2510. With the 10" bar and .43 gauge chain it flies. It flew through several small take downs today and ate up 9" of sycamore without a grumble.

    <p>Hi Rich</p>

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    <p>We are always looking for additional guys if your interested give me a call you will get all my details from our website t4slandservices.co.uk contact the Glasgow side.</p>

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    <p>Hope to here from you</p>

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  4. Hi, I recently passed my 38 and 39, and I am looking for any odd shift to fill out my weeks. I have experience as a groundsman and consider myself switched on and competent. I would be happy to do ground work or any climbing jobs. I'm a new climber so in need of practise but as with anything in life you get out what you put in. I would add that any work I'm involved with I maintain a professional approach and manner while always trying to raise the standard of my work. I have my own top handle and ground saws, as well as my own climbing kit. If anyone could use a hand in the Glasgow area I'd be happy to hear from you. Cheers, Rich Mob:07933136253
  5. Hi, I have just passed my cs38 and I'm putting the feelers out for any opportunities to start climbing and gaining experience. I will be getting my cs39 in the next month or two as well. I have a good amount of experience doing ground work and I am looking to progress onto climbing. I am a reliable, competent, flexible and 'switched on' worker that is keen to continue learning and improving my skill set. I have my own ground saw, climbing kit and PPE. I'm 28 and based in Glasgow; however, for the right opportunity I would consider working further afield as I have no ties. Ideally, it would be full time opportunities but I understand this is possibly unrealistic. I am self employed so any opportunities would be considered. Thanks all, Rich Mobile: 07933136253
  6. Hi, I am looking to fill in some spare days I have at the moment. Currently, I have CS30 and CS31 tickets, my own 50cc saw and PPE. I am planning on gaining CS38 and CS39 at the start of next year also to progress onto climbing. I'm 28, fit, reliable, switched on and a hard grafter. I have a full clean license and can travel up to an hour for work. If anyone has a need for a groundsman I'd be pleased to hear from you. Regards, Rich 07933136253
  7. Hi, I'm looking to get some hands on experience with a tree surgeon/arborist near Glasgow, but will travel further afield. I'm 27, fit and reliable with full clean license and car. I will be hopefully getting my basic chainsaw certs (CS30+31) early next month and plan on getting more as I gain experience. Looking for any opportunity to learn. I have used chainsaws in past while volunteering in Sweden and Norway for basic estate maintenance work, processing firewood, harvesting Christmas trees, etc. And even worked with a chainsaw carver. I'd be prepared to work for free until it's been established that I'm worth having around. I work hard and don't mess around so know that in time I'll be an asset to any business. So if you fancy a free pair of hands for a few days work or if you are needing an apprentice/groundsman let me know. I''ll consider any offers. If necessary I'd be prepared to relocate if there was a good opportunity. Cheers, Richard 07933136253
  8. Hi, 27 year old guy looking for work experience with a business or individual in Glasgow. No tickets just yet but I own and use a chainsaw when the wood pile starts complaining too much. I have my own PPE as well. I'm prepared to volunteer my services for free until I've demonstrated that I'm going to be a reliable and solid worker. I'm not looking for any handouts just an opportunity to learn. May well be doing the Level 3 Arboriculture down at SRUC Dumfries end of Oct or might try and gain tickets individually if an opportunity presents itself. I've spent time in Norway with a chainsaw carver and some time in Sweden with a Welsh ex-forestry guy. We spent the summer building husky kennels out of the surrounding forest haha so I have plenty of experience on ground level. Thanks, Rich Mobile: 07933136253


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