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  1. Hi there, It looks like the tree is a self set that has been allowed to grow naturally on the fence line. As no one has really bothered it, it has continued to grow in to a tree. I would hazard a guess that who ever owns the tree wont mind it being missed. If its yours then you have a duty of care to people using the path. If its a 3rd party tree, then it is trespassing on your land. I would ask two questions: 1) Is the tree the reason for buying the land? 2) Is it currently or likely to cause damage to either the footpath or play ground? If the tree is not of good quality and could be removed (Check first TPO's CA etc), I would get your solicitor to confirm in writing that the seller will arrange the removal of the tree before exchange of contracts. This helps to lower the burden of costs on to you after the sale. It also means that the playground owners or people using the path will find it a lot harder claim for damage from the tree (as it was removed before you purchased the property, so you would not be at fault). It also puts the burden back on the seller to arrange it all so you don't have to worry about who owns it, what maintenance to do etc.
  2. BS3998:2010 7.7.2 Specification for crown reduction and/or reshaping The specification should be accurate and clear, so that the desired result is achieved. To avoid ambiguity, the specified end result can be stated either as the tree-height and branch-spread which are to remain, or the average equivalent in branch length (in metres). End results should be specified for individual branches if the growth pattern of the tree creates a need for this, or where clearance from a specific object is required. The TO is correct in that it should have been giving details on the remained height of the tree. As Paul said the TPO also requires applications to be clear and not vague, again a 1-2m crown reduction would be termed as vague. With regards to previous posts: I appreciate that many others have posted that they would only carry out what is necessary, however if you say that only 1m is necessary why ask for 2m? also if permission was given for 2m crown reduction, and you said to the client I'm only going to do a 1m crown reduction as 2m would 'butcher' the tree. well they have permission for 2m so could go to someone else! I know that filling out the forms is a pain, but having lea-way in the process would lead to future problems. Tree surgeons asking why company A can do this and that, why do I have to fill out forms when they don't and more importantly the client then taking a vague permission and passing it to someone else to do the work, who may not work in the trees best interest.
  3. I don't think its a cherry as they are only single buds at the end on the photos. Its more likely to be a Sorbus as the photo shows upright stems so I would guess these were original berries. A better photo would help if you can get one.
  4. Usually it is very clear, if the other driver goes into the back of you then it would be his fault for not keeping a distance and due care and attention. However, if he has driven into the chipper and asking for money, then I guess his argument would be that the chipper was blocking your brake lights and the ones on the chipper were not working (that as far as I can work out, would be his case if he had one). I guess he is hoping that £400 is just under your excess and time and hassle of going through the insurance companies etc. Its a very kind offer of him as it was your fault!!! I would decline the offer as you are not at fault (just check your break lights on the chipper), and ask for his insurance details and that you will inform them of the accident, also inform the police. Personally I had also had a similar experience to one above. I was on my motorbike at a T Junction, about to go left and my bike disappeared from under me. I turned around to see a BMW driver who was adamant that I was at fault as I was clearly speeding and cutting the corner of the junction just as he was entering it!!! I did point out that my bike is on the other side of the road and unless his car drives in reverse he was the wrong way around! I took out my phone and starting to take photos at which point he jumped in his car and drove off. Found out he was uninsured drive and had been for some time. What was really odd was that he managed to get Tesco to cover his insurance and cover the claim!!! go figure.....
  5. Its good that you are thinking of your next step, you always need to be thinking ahead. If you are new to the industry I would suggest climbing for a few years to understand the job and what to look out for. If you go on the AA web site they have short courses on tree inspections/fungus etc. Also check out Lantra for the Professional Tree Inspection course. Get a base of knowledge first as a foundation degree or other route will already expect this of you. Most Uni's now offer a distance learning package and don't forget to look at TreeLife as they do a really good course. Depending on your own level of learning I would suggest looking at building up to a Level 6 (although that does depend on what you want to do in the future as well). Advanced Course Search - FdSc Arboriculture (On-line) QCF Level 6 https://www.lantra.co.uk/awards/product/lantra-awards-technical-award-professional-tree-inspection-ita-course
  6. I have been involved in a previous case where a neighbour removed mature Beech trees to gain some more light. This was through an LA so the police may have been a bit better in response. Basically I collected all the information and google images of the site before. I did a cavat value on the trees which was in the high 10,000's. I passed over all the details to the police and they did send someone out. The owner did confess to the works (I was lucky to have photos of the guys working at the time and using his driveway and garden) and agreed to pay a reasonable sum for the planting of new trees. I was given two choices, restorative justice or court. Restorative justice means you can claim for the expense to replace the trees, not the current value. Court is a lot longer and you can claim the value of the trees lost, however its a lot more of a gamble. If you get to that stage, I would suggest take what you are given and be happy.
  7. FSB is good in some of the services, free banking etc. Its also useful for the networking and marketing of your company.
  8. I have just had a quick look for the Midlands area and can see a few Tree tenders. Not having logged in properly so can not say what they are worth. As you question are they worth it? well if you are looking at term contracts and you are medium sized company with a few gangs and all the equipment then yes they would be worth the input. It maybe that it'll take a few tenders before you can win some as there is lots of details required and company turn over will be questioned etc.
  9. As Paul said get AA approved and also CHAS approved and Construction Line if you want to work on development sites. Don't want to go too deep into the subject but you need to sit down and develop a business plan to focus as it's the goal you need to identify then look at the path to get there. Your original post has several goals included so it would be best to sit down with some paper and split them into different areas. Work out how each works and what you would need in terms of approval or qualifications. Maybe look at other sectors (you mentioned GM, do you have big ride on's or would you need to link up with another company?) and how you can both work together. Schools you maybe able to direct call, or they maybe linked up with the Local Authority. Find out which one so that you can direct your focus. Developers will mainly be from recommendations and previous work experience so if you have worked with some, speak to them again. There is lots of help out there if you are ready to make the next step.
  10. I have an Ipad with separate keyboard. I also purchased a new computer a few months ago. The computer is Microsoft and instead of getting word etc, I got the Office 365 for businesses. It allows me to link my emails up, and I can download word to the Ipad and another computer. You can also log onto your account through the internet. I find this useful as I can go out on site with the ipad, use the hotspot on my phone to then upload the information to the Office account and then work on the main computer when at home. I have used the ipad for word document's and it'll do most jobs but some of the finer details is better on the main computer.
  11. Have you looked at this site? http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/1app/guidance/guidance_note-works_to_trees.pdf Condition of tree(s) The presence and impact of pests, diseases or fungi that require work to be carried out to the tree(s) should be described in written evidence or diagnostic information from an arboriculturist or other appropriate expert. Arboricultural evidence must be provided to support applications that suggest the tree has defects that may be of concern to the current or future safe retention of the tree or parts of the tree. The guide does state an arboriculturist expert. I would suggest to say someone who has a qualification in what they have been asked to report on. The reason for qualifications is that if it goes wrong and you are stood in court you have the training and qualifications to back up what you are talking about. In respect of Contractors, they tend to be more hands on and worked up the operational side. So it would depend if you have been out and gained extra Arb qualifications.
  12. I got Webcreation to do my site. I'm happy with it and they included a logo, 5 pages, images etc. The guy used wordpress and it was up and running in a few weeks. I had to do the content though and I have also worked/working on updating the description tags and metatags. They are happy to upload the new site to any host and he didn't make a song or dance about it. It was live within a few minutes after confirming all the pages. He wasn't English so everything was done through emails, he also linked up FB, Twitter as well as google etc. Was it worth it? Yes as its better than one's I can produce (I have friends who build sites, they all say just get a wordpress theme, but I don't have the time or ability to know that it has been done correctly). Would I use them again? they are good but not hot on content writing. My grammar is not so good so maybe next time I will look at one that does content writing as well (given the age of the site and that it needs history behind it before google ranks it, I thought a basic package now to get the ball rolling). I was quoted between £200 and £2,000 for a sites. I went for one that offered a good level of time on development and that had good reviews and pages. If you think how long it takes to set up a new site, develop a few template pages that you want and upload pics and content, its got to be about 10hrs+, plus business costs. At the end you get want you pay for, as its someone's time in front of a computer making changes to your site. The more you pay the more someone will be sitting there developing it.
  13. Also looks more like a Beech tree to me! Chainlink fence and pavement outside leading to a grass area, sounds like a council property as well!
  14. Yes I had heard you had yours stolen, that's an odd one. With someone else number etc. Personally I do not make any reference to tree work just company name, contact details and consultancy work on mine so people leave them alone. I find it useful when going to and from site so people know who you are and the car you are in.
  15. I have a pair from Vista print, they look light weight but have been good so far. I run up and down the motorways and haven't had one slip or fall off. I only use them a bit, but I will probably replace them every year to make sure they don't slip or become damaged. I think the more the are used, the more they become damaged and therefore likely to fall off.


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