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    Ash tree's felled this past week in the UK
  2. Hi guy's, I would like to thank my UK contacts who sourced us regular supplies of quality material this year. We are always on the look out for new sources who deal a lot with ash from harvesters, contractors, woodland management company's or foresters of Estates in the UK. We ideally want tree's with a diameter at breast height of 25 cm - 50 cm, with no knots, brown stain or dry rot within the butt. We are paying the largest price per m3 for hurley ash out of all Irish buyers in the UK, £230 per m3. This price does not include extraction costs if the contractor extracts the butts with his tractor/forwarder. For £230 per m3 we only require the top of the ash be removed from the tree, leaving the butt remaining 1.4 - 1.5 meters long, refer to pictures attached of this method. When all tree's are harvested, my team & I will then arrive on site to begin felling at the root base. My tree surgeon is felling 80 - 110 hurley butts per day, roughly three day's work to clean, fell & extract all the hurley butts roadside for loading on to a 40 ft container to my sawmill in Ireland. We always work well in conjunction with contractors regarding our dates of arrival in the UK etc. All the above statements can be verified by numerous forestry company's & Estates in England, Scotland. If you have any forestry colleagues or connections who deal with ash but haven't entered this market yet, just pm for my phone number or email address, and I can send on more pictures & videos. Happy new year, Gerry Ryan.
  3. If it's ash & beach could take 5 loads. What have you available?
  4. I'm looking for lorry loads of hardwood firewood, preferably ash, beach, sycamore & birch for my firewood business in Ireland. I have no market for softwood or for thinning's. Price must include delivery to my sawmill's in Co. Tipperary. Must be in lengths too, need timber asap. Gerry Ryan
  5. Aaron, Are they any possibility the ash in question could be suitable for Hurley making. To discuss more contact [email protected], I'm expected to be over & back from the UK felling three lorry loads of ash over the next three weeks. Starting Monday morning. Paying the best price in the UK for ash out of all Irish buyers and felling the most per day 80 + tree's. Gerry 00353 861903167
  6. David, Have you a rough idea of the age of the ash in question? Will be in Watford next week for half a lorry load, if there was a chance some of the mature tree's were suitable for Hurleys it would be great. Gerry 00353 861903167
  7. My team & I have today marked 250+ quality big ash tree's for felling which will take place at the start of March in the UK. We are due to start felling tomorrow in the West Midlands, any interested woodland owners/foresters interested in us marking suitable tree's in there woodland. Feel free to call Gerry on 00353 861903167. Will also be in England again next week. Thanks Gerry

    <p>Hello mate,with reference to your hurley ash -if you need a hand cutter in the Wiltshire,south gloucestershire,west berks,Bath areas I'm qualified and insured and happy to work to the spec you require for the initial felling.</p>

    <p>PM me if you find yourself short of a cutter.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>all the best</p>



  9. My clients in Ireland haven't tried it, ash has a long tradition with the game of hurling. Hard to invisage another specie being used, but if dieback does limit our ash supplies something else will have to be considered.
  10. As far as I know it has never been tested, ash has a long tradition within the game of hurling, I just couldn't invisage any other specie being used.
  11. Yes Kevin roughly 8 butts with a diameter of 36 to a cubic meter. No unfortunately it wouldn't be suitable for Hurley making. Hurley makers have in the past experimented with maple, but it's not as flexible and when dry breaks quiet easy.
  12. £230 per m3, when the top is removed like this case above.
  13. Having returned home to Ireland from felling hurley ash in a well managed Estate in England, I would just like to thank the Arbtalk members that have sourced me ash this year. More UK Forestry people are taking notice of this market, mainly because the price we are paying for the bottom 1.4 meters of the tree & the way our team works. In this Estates case, a team of top quality Forestry harvesters entered the two woodlands before my team arrived on site. They topped the suitable tree's and left the butt remaining(1.4 meters long) ref to pictures. This method means we can pay more for the ash, as it makes it faster to fell the butts without the top of the tree intact and also makes our work an awful lot safer. I received good news the past few weeks to expect a very busy year felling hurley ash in the UK, so don't hesitate to get in touch if your considering thinning your woodlands or Forestry people in general wanting to learn more. Always glad to answer people's queries related to this topic.
  14. For the many enquiries we have had about our minimum requirement to travel to the UK for ash tree's suitable for hurley's. Our minimum load to travel would be 30 - 50 suitable tree's.


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