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  1. I don't visit this page often, so apologies for the late reply. :( I use the 501sx for my main blocking saw, with a 20" quarter tip running 3/8" lo-pro. I occasionally use it with a 16" dime tip and 1/4" 0.050 chain. The sprocket is a doddle to change. Only ever had one 1/4" chain snap, and it was past it's best, so no real worries there, but with the larger tip the 3/8" lo-pro does cut faster on the 20" bar. Probably clears the swarf easier. :) Hope it helps. Ian Andrews
  2. I don't have a garden, or not much of one, and anyway, what there is has no road frontage whatsoever. However, some friends run a tearooms and keep chickens at a place not too far away that is situated on a country lane that is often used as a 'rat run' to get to a nearby city rather than use the often clogged main route. Over the winter they noticed that a large Leylandii between their car park and the road was showing signs of lifting the car park in strong winds, so it had to come down as sooner or later it was going to fall on a nearby building! I carve normally in the yard of a tree surgeon who has a house in our village that has a tall carving in the garden and many customers come into the yard and mention that they have seen it and all comments are complimentary, but of course, I have to admit that it is not my carving and the credit must go to the tree surgeon. ( although I have done some maintenance on it) Long story short, I got my tree surgeon pal to cut the tree down to a height that I marked on it and volunteered to carve the trunk(s). My friends at the tea room had only one request, that whatever I carved had to be 'Fun'. I've done a number of 'on site' carvings, but always to a brief set by the clients. This one is so much different, as I have a complete free rein to do whatever I like, as long as it is fun. I am carving this in what I loosely refer to as my 'free time' which basically means the occasional weekend/Sunday, and that is also weather dependant. I therefore anticipate that it will take most of the summer months. These images are the tree after crown removal, followed by a couple taken after a couple of sessions at the top of a scaffold tower which needs removing at the end of each session. I'll keep you updated as I progress with it.
  3. Congrats Steve. Enjoy the wine. Well deserved.
  4. Then what is the £500+ per load your office is quoting to take chip/brash/logs from our yard? And that's if we load??
  5. I'd take the extra time to do the ferry rather than the chunnel if you decide on that route. The longer break from driving, and the experience of the sea crossing for the youngsters is well worth the extra hour or so. Make sure you go through the Alps, as they are stunning at that time of year. And plan on shorter trips every other day or so. Enjoy
  6. Looking good at first glance Steve
  7. I'll take a look through it if you would like. Got PC, tablet and phone
  8. 360wes on a 14" .043 bar and stihl chain here. Carving bar that is. Excellent for detail and light shaping. Like all echos it needs some running in. If it's just for detailing, the 281wes is even cheaper and lighter in weight. Both will need a quarter sprocket fitting, but well worth it.
  9. Go with the 25ap chain from Oregon rather than the 25ff. Far more versatile and a LOT easier to sharpen. And enjoy the experience.
  10. I use Cyberlink's director zone. Works for me
  11. Mine has double bed/settee, loo, kettle, running water, TV, 12v coolbox and LED lights. That's all in the front end. Keeps me comfortable :thumbup1:
  12. That's what I do in mine when it's on the road!
  13. Not my cup of tea. You have to bend down to get in it!


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