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    Flint Mountain, Flintshire N. Wales
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    Chainsaw Carving
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  1. Macduff holding Macbeth's Severed Head

    Nice work
  2. Hare study in cypress

    I like that Si
  3. Lion and a couple of bulldogs

    Nice and definitely catches the character of the chosen species, good use of colour on the bulldog
  4. Shark

    I'd leave it as it will change colour as it weathers over time
  5. Mirror carp

    Nice Si
  6. Jelly Fish

    Nice one
  7. Baby Badger

    Thank you
  8. Carving bar Chain lift before nose?

    Run a straight edge across the top of that bar, it does appear to have adopted in it, worth a try as you have done everything else ....
  9. Baby Badger

    Thanks Ian, carved at a country show last saturday, ran out of time so finished it today.
  10. Baby Badger

    Just finished this carving off today of a young Badger, bit of paint on the head just to set it off....... for sale if anyone is interested, just pm me
  11. 'Spirit of the Woods'

    Cheers Mark, many thanks, watch out for the Grim Reaper, coming soon
  12. 'Spirit of the Woods'

    Thanks Khriss, nice of you to say so, there are a number of interested buyers all have mentioned lights of some description. I will take a couple of pics tonight with the carving illuminated by my garden light and see how it looks Thanks again
  13. 'Spirit of the Woods'

    Thanks very much, it's had so much interest I'm thinking of starting on another one...
  14. 'Spirit of the Woods'

    thanks very much, appreciate it
  15. 'Spirit of the Woods'

    Yep, a trip to IKEA and then there will be a coloured light..... post the pic early next week


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